Bermuda Triangle Clan Leader: Hana Espoir

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Bermuda Triangle Clan Leader: Hana Espoir

Post by Best Girl on Thu Dec 08, 2016 12:31 pm

IGN: Hope
Name: Hana Espoir
Alias: Princess of Cray, Isabella "Hope", PROJECT Re:DIVA
Age: 24
Gender: idol trash
Nation: Magallanica
Main Clan: Bermuda Triangle
Secondary Clan: Angel Feather (Celestial), Gold Paladin (Garmore)
Alignment: Hero
Generation: Legend

Avatar Card:
Twinkle Happiness☆, Pacifica (Ideology)
Duo Eternal Sister, Meer (Family)
Battle Cupid, Nociel (Best Friend)

Personality: Isabella is a world-renowned idol of the first three quarters of the legendary era, remembered as a voice that inspired the masses without screaming or shouting violently, but instead softly and encouragingly. She stood to the world as a National Champion of Vanguard and the Princess of Cray, a powerful figurehead of peaceful intention while also defending, dubbing those necessary as knights and vanguards. Hana is an incredible voice, bringing peace of mind and hope to those around her calmly or through song, if not utilizing the game as a means to talk to others on friendly terms. Unlike her sister, she views Vanguard strongly as what it is despite her position: a game. She is disgusted with the thought of using it as a tool of war or a means to justify radical ends, and even more so egotistical maniacs who put others down. More specifically, bullies who pick at the weak, but won't dare step on the toes of the strong - hypocritical goliaths who think they're on top of the world. A strong mediator and compassionate soul describes this girl fully.

There is more than the surface and legend, however. In the past, she and her elder sister Yukino were at odds due to her dislike of said kin using the game for war, among other things they'd rather not bring up unless they felt necessary. Though, Yukino always acted for Hana's happiness and life, so Hana is well aware that she's a bit of a slave, and occasionally bullies the Chosen Sword for it. Fortunately, the efforts of the elder haven't gone unnoticed, and Hana is a little more forthcoming with her love and gratitude, along with advice without harshly attacking the already wartorn soldier. That doesn't mean they agree on the older's insane plot, however. Hana is actively attempting to figure out what drives those around Vanguard to see it only as a tool for domination or destruction, as well as supporting the New Generation to find a way not forced open by the veterans or legends. She's rather excited to be her own kind of big sister to the people in this brilliant era.

Has a great affinity for pets, still having her now grown dog "Labrador", named after the Prism Princess. Also has taken up a curious interest in swordplay, though only to have another means of "talking" to people in another "language". She is very fluent in many tongues, not just barriers of French or German for example, but talking to the heart via many means.

Despite her becoming humbled, she still wants to be a light. A beacon, not a shadow. One of her greatest irritations was that everyone addressed her sister, rarely looking at her other than a sidecar ride with the queen. Ever still does she want to be in her own spotlight, and this makes her quietly competitive with those around her. She can't help just wanting to be important - to find her own place, despite being the returning "Princess of Cray". Hana does not wish to trample over anyone's success however, and has sadly choked down her bitter pettiness. It'll occasionally come out as pent-up fury, but she knows it does harm, and apologizes dearly. The girl sticks closely to the new generation as hopefully a prominent figure and guide, while still being famous among the Legend Generation for what she did accomplish.
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