Shadow Paladin Clan Leader: Seifer Espoir

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Shadow Paladin Clan Leader: Seifer Espoir

Post by Cipher on Wed Dec 07, 2016 5:49 pm

"What is the meaning of Life? To love? To win? Or is it just to die?"

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"You really think you're hot shit huh? Good for you. Let's see what happens when I get serious."

IGN: Cipher Izanagi
Name: Seifer Espoir
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Nation: United Sanctuary
Main Clan: Shadow Paladin and Royal Paladin
Secondary Clan: Unno yet. Maybe Aqua Force
Alignment: He's definitely a good guy right? So he's totally a Hero.
Generation: Legend

Avatar Card: Purgatory Blaster, Mordred Phantom "Diablo", Reminiscent Swordsman of Light, Dageraad

Personality: Unlike how he used to be, Seifer is now completely free of any despair. He tends to be outwardly happy, smiling towards even total strangers. However, he can be rather withdrawn, even around those he has formed close bonds with. He doesn't keep secrets, and has absolute loyalty to his older sister. Even if he's outgoing, he can switch to be serious at a moment's notice. Trying to talk to him about the past two years induces headaches and denial. Also unlike his previous incarnation, he tends to be antagonistic towards those he doesn't like, even without any note of provocation.

Biography: After the events in the Akasha Stratum and expending the remainder of his life force, Seifer was completely reborn in the new world. Both his appearance and memories have changed however, as he can't remember the last two years, and he now looks almost like Yukino's twin as a boy. He has also seemingly lost two years off of his age. This is most likely thanks to Chronojet Dragon "gifting" him by removing his despair. He doesn't remember everyone by name, only Noel and Yukino... However, his abilities as a fighter remain the same as they were, and he says he feels like he knows everyone even if he can't remember them.

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