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Clan Leader Listing

Post by Best Girl on Wed Dec 07, 2016 6:45 pm

Do not fret, everyone will get a shot at being a Clan Leader. Those who are currently in position will be promoted to Clan Masters, which opens the chance for others to become Clan Leaders.

United Sanctuary

Royal Paladin: Yukino Espoir
Shadow Paladin: Seifer Espoir
Gold Paladin:
Angel Feather:
Oracle Think Tank: Ves Yamata
Genesis: Kyabe Shiroku

Dragon Empire

Kagero: Karin Ouriel
Narukami: Cero Kirguis
Murakumo: Xateramusa Okiaku

Dark Zone

Dark Irregulars: Kiga Gochiso
Spike Brothers: Gastor Hiruma
Pale Moon:
Gear Chronicle: Chronos


Aqua Force:
Granblue: Umiruka "Umi" Nanana
Bermuda Triangle: Hana Espoir


Great Nature: Tamotsu Hakaisha
Megacolony: Chrisaline "Chris" Egao
Neo Nectar: Satoshi Kurosaki

Star Gate

Dimension Police:
Nova Grappler: Hideyoshi Sasaki
Link Joker: -This Clan is not welcome to the Association.-
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