Oracle Think Tank Clan Leader: Ves Yamata

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Oracle Think Tank Clan Leader: Ves Yamata Empty Oracle Think Tank Clan Leader: Ves Yamata

Post by Best Girl on Thu Dec 08, 2016 1:32 pm

IGN: Hope
Name: Ves Yamata
Alias: "Sword of God" ("Okami-no-Tsurugi")
Age: 20
Nation: Zoo (Frequents United Sanctuary Nation regularly.)
Main Clan: Oracle Think Tank
Alignment: dirty neutralfag
Generation: New (But a Clan Leader?!)

Avatar Card:
Supreme Heavenly Battle Deity, Susanoo ("Swipe of Sword")
Battle Sister, Pudding (P-Pudding...!) (Not actually an Avatar...)

Personality: Ves is a peculiar individual, not expressing herself very well unless it's robotic-like and fighting. Even then, nobody can tell if she's having a good time or not. The girl is quite stoic, but can be caught off guard by actions and thoughts she cannot predict, like most hyperactivity. This is also why she's constantly trying to think in quiet, plotting the next move or task smoothly, greatly despising interruption. Because she's so quiet, it's hard to interact with her, but she's a bit submissive, willing to be pulled around or ordered. Ves can especially be swayed by sweets, having an ungodly sweet tooth - pudding being at the top of her list. Her blank persona will change into a bit of a happy puppy when offered pudding as a reward or just a gift of kindness, but will not turn this persona on if given at random. A fickle lass who won't show any true colors easily.

Ves has a number of issues with her father, and still follows his command dutifully. Duty is strong with her, and many can state she resembles the Chosen Sword in a way, who has actually influenced Ves into becoming a super soldier of her own with godly prowess of weaponry. She views Vanguard as a fun game while also seeing it as a powerful tool of war and conversation, allowing Susanoo to represent her "wild" side. Though, the Battle Deity is rather hyper and destructive in nature, while also cocky, calling to question her real feelings if this is her avatar. She can be gauged as lonely with bottled up emotions that wish to explode forth, but won't unleash them through anything other than the War God. Ves is very careful in battle and loyal to those who treat her nicely, but also loyal to the authority that gave her position and her dad.

Upon meeting and bonding with Aoi Undyne later on, she is a bit more attached to people, shows more concern than normal, and makes it easier to tell when she's genuinely happy.

Misses her deceased mother dearly to the point where the trauma of losing her has caused her heart to shut tightly.
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