Megacolony Clan Leader: Chrisaline Egao

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Megacolony Clan Leader: Chrisaline Egao Empty Megacolony Clan Leader: Chrisaline Egao

Post by Best Girl on Thu Dec 22, 2016 2:51 am

IGN: Hope
Name: Chrisaline "Chris" Egao
Alias: "Killer Queen"
Age: 22
Gender: qwazy grill
Nation: Zoo
Main Clan: Megacolony, Link Joker
Alignment: Chaos/Antagonistic
Generation: Veteran

Avatar Card:
Intimidating Mutant, Darkface
Star-vader, Chaos Breaker Dragon

Personality: A psychopathic child who obtained insanity through a fateful night and the spirit of competition. Chris is a deranged lass who views killing and inflicting suffering as sport, stating that survival of the fittest is the greatest "game" of life. Finds great jubilant joy in anything that risks life and death, addicted to the mad thrill of possibility where the stakes are far too high. She enjoys breaking people, destroying their hope and faith as part of the entertainment to put herself on top, weeding out the weaklings who will die off early on in order to duel with the strong. Manipulating those who cannot find real bliss while encouraging those with power and potential... Chris, despite all, is genuinely happy with how she lives her life and all that's happened to her, having lost her mind. She wears a front of cheery light like your average schoolgirl. However, that is only a front. The reality is... she would not hesitate to swing about a scythe in the name of "fun".

Unfortunately, rehabilitation had done nothing but make it easier for her to lie while also improving her ability to detect lies. Even worse, it has only made her elated state of crazy more of an issue. It is confirmed by higher beings and a past nightmare that she is an incarnation of the Divine Power: Lucifer. This is due to the fact that she spreads the joys and majesties of complete chaos and freedom. A horrendous influence who convinces people to "go crazy" in the most literal fashion. Despite this lunatic's persona, she is surprisingly friendly to those who don't spew anything gross about hope and the like. She is very friendly toward her past comrades, and even holds back a bit of a crush on the violent Gastor and reliable Solis.

Chaos Breaker, the mad clown thought lost in deep space has dubbed her his "Killer Queen". Chrisaline still maintains a massive amount of Void she brandishes whenever she pleases, occasionally taking the form of a completely black, one-winged angel with a malicious, wide smile of red energy coloring below crimson eyes.

At the very least, she's behaving more often than not, and not using Link Joker most of the time to hide it. She'll expose them whenever she's pissed off, however. Also shows positivity toward Fubuki specifically, affectionately calling her "cute loser", "my precious loser", or some other possessive title. Finally, she thinks bugs are cute and innocent, can do no harm, and always has a ladybug or an adorable critter on her shoulders or in pockets.
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