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Neo Nectar Clan Leader: Satoshi Kurosaki Empty Neo Nectar Clan Leader: Satoshi Kurosaki

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Neo Nectar Clan Leader: Satoshi Kurosaki Satosh10

Satoshi's new body transformation, occurring near the end of Season 4, is a merging between himself and Seph, the former leader of Neo Nectar on Cray. He is much more built and muscular, and resembles more of a buff hippie than he ever did as his younger self. This body, however, ages incredibly slowly, as it will take Satoshi at least 25 years to age any more than a year in this current state.

IGN: Beryl
Name: Satoshi Kurosaki
Alias: The Guardian, Sephirot
Age: 26 (Physical Apperance Age: 38)
Gender: that which handles the meat
Nation: Zoo
Main Clans: Neo Nectar/Genesis
Secondary Clans: Rest of Zoo
Alignment: Hero
Generation: Legend

Avatar Cards: Sacred Tree Wiseman, Oberon (Persona)
Omniscience Regalia, Minerva
Sacred Tree Dragon, Hallowed Bark Dragon (Concentration of Energy)

Personality: Adopting Sephirot's spirit in harmony with his own has tended to change Satoshi for the better. His vices have been forgone in favor of meditation, which he much more frequently does with his time not spent with other members of Zoo Branch or the Grand Sanctuary. His seclusiveness, a dominant characteristic from a dark period of his younger life, has waned in favor of cherishing time spent with those who can provide him insight on the continually developing world, which tends to be practically anyone he interacts with these days.

However, these changes have not left the Guardian without any flaws at all. The truth of the matter is that Satoshi's pacifism has reached a new level: he will not fight in Vanguard unless in defense of someone who he cherishes dearly, which is either the clan itself or one of his old Triad allies. Even as new threats awaken, Satoshi has no plans to take an active role for or against change. Instead, he looks to the merge of Generations, New, Veteran, and Legend alike, as an opportunity for Earth to transcend itself and its boundaries to a new, brighter future, unlike several others of the Legend Generation.

Biography: Available upon request via Discord/Skype.

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