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"When it hurts to look back
and you're scared
to look ahead
you can look beside you
and your best friend
will be there."

Light of Nibel
Meaning of Birth
A Quiet Investigation

Great Nature Clan Leader: Tamotsu Hakaisha Wa3Rpjz

Ignore the sword, the ice at the shoulder blades and heterochromia as both eyes are the blue green shown in the left eye above. This is Okuri after his reincarnation after the conclusion Reaper War. Currently while all on fours he stands at about two and a half feet tall (only two feet tall during movie events)  at the shoulders, roughly half the size he was during the actual war. Strange fur colorings aside he actually seems like a fairly normal big dog at the current size. He wears a dark blue collar about his neck, proudly displaying his new name and Jessie’s contact information in the event he were ever lost. Attached to it almost like a leash is the sash he wore before which he still freely manipulates as highly functional hands of sorts. Off of each hind leg are long shoots of fur that are silver in color as shown clearly coming off the right hind leg. These hold that shape fairly well yet are not tails and move as needed for him to sit/move comfortably. Despite the abundance of fur he remarkably sheds very little. Overall a very fit and healthy looking specimen of canine biology if a little strange.

IGN: Andx
Character Name: Tamotsu Hakaisha
Nicknames/Aliases: Okuri (for those who still call him that), Fuwa-tan/Fluffy (Aoi only), Tamo (responds to this just as readily as his name)
Age: 5 (give or take a millennium or so)
Gender: Son of a bitch

Nation: Zoo
Main Clan: Great Nature - ChatFox
Secondary Decks: Oracle Think Tank - Susanoo
Avatar Card: Illusion Scientist Researcher Fox

Alignment: Hero
Generation: Veteran

Personality: Tamotsu is above all a young puppy at heart. He has the knowledge and sense to know better but usually doesn’t care. Having fun is a high priority and he absolutely loves people. He’s very fond of people he knew well in his past life in the Reaper War. To the point he usually tackles and licks them to death if he hasn’t seen them in a while. What a while is can vary depending on the person. Whereas before he disliked being touched without approval he now seeks physical affection from those close to him.

He’s quite conflicted with his old memories. He knows the old Okuri to be himself but doesn’t want to identify as that being. He wants to be his own person and be happy. He doesn’t want to forget what happened in past lives but doesn’t want to be so defined by them as he was in the past. That said he has a great desire to really know what he is. This search for a meaning or reason to his existence has him ill at ease many a time.

Young pup that he is Tamotsu gets into trouble on a regular basis. He’s really picked up on the partying and womanizing of Bashiro. The sex drive of a young dog burns within him leading to many a romance with neighborhood dogs and with the return of his memories a desire to be with a human again like he had been in the past. But right now it mostly amounts to snuggling girls particular ways, usually to make Bashiro jealous.

Tamotsu is incredibly defensive of Jessie, Aoi, Carlos and others he’s close to. He’s usually calm enough after greeting people but is quick to pick up on what he thinks to be threats of any kind to his friends. He still responds to Okuri but is slightly annoyed when people choose to call him that. He’s proud of his new name given to him by Jessie and likes to think himself a member of their family, going so far as to claim their last name as his own.

He still greatly enjoys the game of vanguard and has stuck by the Great Nature clan. However of late he seems conflicted. He could never abandon his comrades from the Reaper War but he feels like using them is accepting that he is his old self which is something he denies. He looks to see if other decks can help him establish a new sense of identity but always comes back to the Foxes. Serving as the Great Nature clan leader is more incentive to never stray too far from them. For that matter he has an interesting take on leading a clan. He makes it a point to make Zoo fun and enjoyable for those who come there. While not fighting or helping others fight he plays with the younger fighters getting everything he could have ever wanted out of the job. This includes helping teach the children things about science and such as per the Foxes requests. He spends a fair bit of time away given his friends are more involved with other branches like Dragon Empire. But he's never far when Zoo needs him.

Whereas he usually kept away from a lot of it, Tamotsu now has a proficiency with some technology and carries a phone on him that he’s capable of using for calls and texts with the sash. He likes to search the internet for random things he remembers and often asks others about things he finds and reads not sure what to trust between internet articles and his memories.

Tamotsu can act very much like his old self at times, carrying Okuri's maturity and experience with him. He'll use this wisdom from time to time where he feels appropriate such as in the branch or to advise Jessie and others. But even with these thoughts and ideas that centuries of experience tell him is a good thing to do, he tends to pick what seems more directly exciting to his young mind. He could trust his memories when they say something's not so good, or he could actually experience it and the latter appeals more to him now.

Biography: In the three years between season four and the movie Tamotsu has been living with Jessie and Bashiro as their pet. Other than a remarkable intelligence and odd appearance it wasn't all that unlike having a regular dog. If he had the ability to speak or possessed a single memory of his past lives there was no indication to it. Outside of the occasional bark or two when seeing a good friend, he doesn't make much of any noise. Tamotsu usually had free range to come in and out of the house as he desired since he quickly showed he would never stray all that far from home.

So while the brothers are out the spirit would go about the neighborhood. He quickly gained two distinct reputations. The first was of being incredibly kind and friendly to the neighborhood children. It's gotten to the point kids will knock on the Hakaisha's door asking if Tamotsu can come out to play which usually excites the pup. The second reputation is less adorable and relates to Tamotsu having had relations with just about every female dog in the area. Granted no puppies have ever come of this so no one could really get on him too much about it. Regardless the sight of the blue dog is common now and for the most part a good thing for the neighborhood.

Even without his memories Tamotsu's been incredibly affectionate toward old friends from his past life as Okuri. While Jessie and Aoi are most often around him, Carlos, Haruka, Sera and others he knew get excited greetings. This even applies to Yukino who the Spirit had only just started mending a relationship with in the last moments of the Reaper war.

It's been difficult to gauge what all the dog-like spirit does or doesn't remember. He responds to people he knew so well for one. But for another he likes to watch Vanguard tournaments on the television. Which just for the fact of a dog watching television attentively is something special. But he seems to follow the game almost like he knows what he's doing. He'll make all sorts of excited noises as fights go on almost like he was complimenting good plays or groaning over unfortunate turns of events. When the game's played in person around him he's very attentive as well.

In the events of the movie Tamotsu's sash will be returned to him and with it his memories of being Okuri, his abilities to speak and play vanguard coming along with them. Then in the two years between the movie and season five things are slightly more interesting for the pup as he can now talk with all of his friends despite still clearly acting like the family pet. Somewhere along the lines he was approached by the association to take the position as Great Nature Clan Leader. He was admittedly shocked they would want a non human in charge of the clan. And since Jessie frequents Dragon Empire he was hesitant. But with some encouragement from his friends, mainly Aoi, he accepted the position and has been pretty good about working with the Branch Director and other clan leaders to make Zoo a fun place for the young cardfighters there. This usually includes playing with the younger children who think he's part of Zoo's petting zoo. It's a good job for him. Uses up some energy so he doesn't come home super hyper to Jessie. Though that doesn't stop him from excitedly greeting his boy at every opportunity.

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