Genesis Clan Leader: Kyabe Shiroku

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Genesis Clan Leader: Kyabe Shiroku Empty Genesis Clan Leader: Kyabe Shiroku

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"Cabbage was on sale today.  I think I bought too much."

Genesis Clan Leader: Kyabe Shiroku Jzuh9Ni

IGN: Lance Korilum
Name: Kyabe Shiroku
Alias: The Forgettable Cabbage Man
Age: 28
Gender: boi
Nation: United Sanctuary (Frequents Zoo)
Main Clan: Genesis
Alignment: Neutralest of fags and faggest of neutrals
Generation: Veteran Generation

Avatar Card: Divine World Beast, Fenrir

Personality: On the surface, Kyabe seems like a rather kind person.  He's always got a bit of a smile on his face, and he'll give just about anybody advice on what they should do.  Some might say he's a bit carefree, as he almost never looks worried no matter what situation he finds himself in.  The advice he gives is sometimes awkwardly specific to people's situation, and he always seems to know more about what's happening than he lets on.  But other than that, he's really quite forgettable to people that don't interact with him often, sometimes to the point that people forget he's a clan leader and he misses meetings because nobody remembered he exists to tell him.

People that get close to him, however, realize he's...  slightly off.  He has a lot of morbid interests, and always seems to be up to date on the latest murders and disappearances, but says its just because he used to work as a prosecutor in the court of law.  He'll often complain about how bored he is with this world, but expresses a sometimes slightly disturbing interest in some people.  Rarely, the advice he gives will be laced with malicious intent because he "wants to see what will happen," and every now and again he'll be an outright cunt to certain people for no explicit reason.  Kyabe enjoys manipulating people into doing things, but usually he seems pretty harmless in his actions so nobody really gets on his case about it, and they usually forget it ever happened.
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