“Teach me about this game” - Completed

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“Teach me about this game” - Completed Empty “Teach me about this game” - Completed

Post by Nova Major on Wed May 02, 2018 7:53 pm

Quest Name: “Teach me about this game”
Questmaker: Some 12 year old kid (Tomoki)
Level of Difficulty: C
Description: You see, my friends keep telling me about how cool is this game with the association and all that, but I just don't get it. Seems pretty average to me, being honest. What makes it better than WIXOSS, Magic: The Gathering, Battle Spirits, or the clearly superior Duel Masters? Show me how 'great' Vanguard is by, I don't know, teaching/fighting me. I'll be waiting at Seaside Mega Mall.
Reward: A good amount  of FICA points or whatever they're called.

Status: Completed

'T-This game is so much fun! Way better than some other games I played before. I thought having my friends make the quest was going to be a disaster. Now, I'll be frequenting the quest boards from now on, to keep practicing and get better!'
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