"Meeting of Destiny" - Completed

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"Meeting of Destiny" - Completed Empty "Meeting of Destiny" - Completed

Post by Best Girl on Sun Apr 15, 2018 3:01 pm

Quest Name: "Meeting of Destiny"
Questmaker: Hana "Isabella" Espoir
Level of Difficulty: S
Description: "Hello, I'm someone who has been away from Vanguard for a... very long time. I got to play it some again a few years back, but I'm still very rusty. So, I would like to meet someone promising: please find me in the park nearby Miyaji Academy and fight me. Preferably, defeat me as well."
Reward: Enormous boon of FICA for starting New Gen, and Isabella's autograph.

Status: Completed by Aoi Undyne and Sakuya Fagan!
"While I wasn't defeated, I still met the individual I was looking for and even more on top of it. Seeing Vanguard in its purest form again fills me up with hope, and may even bring me to inspiration on a new song. Thank you very much."
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