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"I demand a worthy foe!" - Completed Empty "I demand a worthy foe!" - Completed

Post by Best Girl on Sun Apr 15, 2018 11:29 pm

Quest Name: "I demand a worthy foe!"
Questmaker: God Flame Ignis VII
Level of Difficulty: B
Description: “Behold my power and despair, for I am God Flame Ignis the Seventh! The fire of a great deity passed down for generations in my family is finally upon me, and I must test my newfound strength! To become accustomed to it so I may destroy our mortal foe: Dragshifter Voldnir!! I may be found at the roof of Miyaji Academy!”
Reward: A decent chunk of FICA points.

Status: Completed by Sieg!
"I thank you for helping me hone my powers, but a new battle is before me as I stare down my rival: Divine Ray Calanthia IX. For this, I may come to seek aid once more in the future. Until there, fare thee well, and remember the power I have etched into your body!"
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