Show him the ropes. - Completed

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Show him the ropes. - Completed Empty Show him the ropes. - Completed

Post by Doggy on Fri Apr 20, 2018 1:52 pm

Quest Name/Thread Title: "Show him the ropes."
Questmaker: Helpful Big Bro NPC dude (Katashi)
Level of Difficulty: C
Description: "My little brother's excited to start playing vanguard but he's nervous cuz he doesn't know the game super well. He's played a little with me but I only have Genesis decks so I figured it'd be good to show him what some of the other clans do so he can get a better idea of what he wants to play. So I need someone who plays something else to come fight me! We'll be at Shop Handsome."
Reward: Very small FICA reward + warm fuzzy good feeling of knowing you helped a young fighter get into the game.

Status: Complete

"It was a fun fight. I'm not sure who ultimately got shown the ropes is the thing but I'm glad it happened all the same."

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