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Prologue to Crisis Messiah Empty Prologue to Crisis Messiah

Post by Best Girl on Sun Apr 16, 2017 2:56 pm

Throughout history, in all universes, all existences, all instances, creation is governed by two forces.

The Light and the Shadow.

Here is no different, where a great civil war between the holy and the fallen took place. Knights of a holy nation and traitors of the "just" way. Courage and Envy clashed, a king who wished for bloodless wars dueled with the historically famed corrupted Guardian Dragon: the Dragon of Hell. On this Planet Cray, a world very much like Earth, the "good" and the "evil" collided, driving the course of an era. Royal Paladin and Shadow Paladin - the knightly order and the rebellious traitors... It all began with a mysterious figure in history, Blaster Meister during the rule of King Ezer. This enigmatic individual barely recorded by history approached his majesty one day with armaments that could assist the country's military power. Willing to give it a try, several members of the Swordsmen of Light attempted to utilize "Blasters". However, it was a trap: their emotions ran rampant and the weapons corrupted their users, resulting in immediate termination of the weaponry's use and the arrest of the blacksmith. Yet... that scheme which gave birth to the most famous crisis was not over yet. During the Third Ogre War, the malicious Meister following their own desires broke free of prison, and happened upon a dying Guardian Dragon: Thing Saver Dragon... This disaster was brought on by the tainting of the light, soaking and drowning it in a deep darkness. The eyes of the once messianic creature opened, and those eyes did not see the world in the way it previously did.

This was the birth of Phantom Blaster Dragon.

Nay, the birth of Shadow Paladin.

Black knights driven mad by their own rampaging emotions amplified by "Blaster" - especially those of one young boy filled to the brim with raging jealousy took up arms in defiance. They followed the wicked dragon who yearned for domination and despair. The legacy of this disaster was inherited by the late king's son and the previous prince: King of Knights, Alfred the Fourteenth. At his side was the man who activated the nation's sacred treasure - the Blaster of Courage: Blaster Blade. The central conflict between this super soldier and his ex-apprentice wielding the giant claymore: Blaster Dark. This civil war was on an unimaginable scale across the planet, even dragging the nation of Dark Zone and other clans into the mix. The Dragon Empire even butted into it... this era of war was great - massive in scale and importance. Another instance of light and darkness, reaching the Vanguards of Earth synchronizing with their "Avatars".

Yes, two Vanguards chosen by light and dark respectively met at the whim of destiny and fought through a "game" of Cardfight Vanguard.

A woman who believed she was the chosen one and a man willing to sacrifice everything for a lost people.

Them and those involved with them would be caught in the warping destiny of the "Void" - the "Rift" that ensnared existence. Many fought and threw away their lives, most notably the life of the Winds of the Apocalypse was nearly forfeit by his own hand in an attempt to end the war. When hope dwindled as the Dragon of Hell assumed its true form, slaughtering those that stood in its way for the sake of tyranny, Courage and Determination met and reconciled. Their joined hands created a miracle brought about by the fusion of swords - the Ultimate Vanguard believed to exist only once a millennia was born. Even then... despairingly, joint efforts were not enough to end the conflict. Thus, the courage of the young man transformed into a burst of transcending light - lasting only for a moment to give a moving speech and sweep away despair. Exculpate the Blaster accepted darkness with light, believing they must co-exist, and laid the corrupted Guardian Dragon to rest.

That should have been the end of it.

The end of the incident between light and dark.

But it was never resolved to its true conclusion.

Shadow Paladin was accepted by the holy nation, being formed into assassins of sorts. They worked within the darkness, yearning for no praise and not striving for honor. They simply did what they chose, but for the greater good in the end. However, that ultimately meant nothing when two existences spawned. The first being the illusionary phantom - the charismatic "Revenger" that appeared like a shooting star chosen by Blaster Dark himself to lead. It was revealed that "Mordred Phantom" is the consciousness of the forgotten Guardian Dragon - its light half that conceded to becoming the Sanctuary's shadow forever as "Dragruler Phantom". The second... the half of maliciousness and malevolence taken shape. A wicked entity with no mind - no voice - no soul - no true identity beyond being the embodiment of despair. Similar to the demon god - the evil incarnate that threatened creation some time ago, this being was made of nothing but negativity and evil.

Gust Blaster Dragon - the evil dragon: Azazel.

No one could search for it, and none could kill it. With incident after incident and war after war, especially with the hero of light constantly called to battle, such extensive resources necessary to even track the bast could not be expended. Despite this, the light half of the Dragon of Hell - the corrupted Guardian Dragon approached his friend.

"I must settle accounts with my past."

This is the sentence which "Mordred", the previous Grandmaster of "Shadow Paladin", told Blaster Dark, some time after the "Invasion Great War".

"The past...? You want to pursue Gust Blaster Dragon?"

"He is me, and I am him. Even though each of us obtained a new life, we are the same being. His evil deeds are my karma. This is why, I must solve it myself."

"Understood. I will assemble the forces of the Order."

"That will not be necessary."

At the moment the red cloak on Mordred's back covered his whole body, he transformed into a gigantic black dragon.

"This is the settlement of my karma. And after all, just in case, if our knightly order is destroyed, those who cannot be punished by usual means, will threaten the nation once again."

Even though his black wings spread with such forces that winds were roaming the surroundings like shockwaves, Blaster Dark stood firm and still.

"Now, you will be the Grandmaster...if you tell the members that the former Grandmaster is a fool who abandoned the order, they will welcome you."

"...Are you fine with this?"

"Certainly. The peace of the nation is my true desire. And now the knightly order of shadow cannot be absent."


"I troubled you, even in the end."

"...You will return once you defeat that thing. This is no lifelong separation."

"...As you said. See you, some day again."

---From then on, Mordred disappeared from everyone's sight.

The crisis that began long ago within the United Sanctuary is not yet over. Your reunion is the stage for the coming of a potential Divine Power - this timeline's own Evil Incarnate born of hate and despair. With the power to transcend in the hands of all sides, you will return to do battle with the malevolent god, and close the book on this final chapter.

This is the conclusion of the United Sanctuary's Civil War... and the name "Phantom Blaster Dragon".
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