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(Genuinely cannot be bothered to sustain the movie, so it ends with this.)

Here lies the recording of the extended chapter: the event that brought closure to the final chapter of the first book. The book of the civil war between Light and Shadow.

Table of Contents:
i. Prologue
ii. Day One
iii. Day Two
iv. Day Three
- iv.a. Separation of Light and Dark
- iv.b. Conception of Shadow Paladin
v. Day Four
- v.a. Final Battle
- v.b. Birth
vi. Day Five
- See you tomorrow~!


The “Messiah Scramble” hosted by the newly established Vanguard Association and Divine Powers Messiah and Chronojet was a massive event that gathered fighters all over the world. A reunion for many that would show the dominance of the Legendary Generation. The fighters that stood in opposition of the great evils that constantly pressured the world they live in. This time was their reward as Stride – which was returned to humanity – was re-introduced to fester and grow for the newly coming era. Brought through a path over or under Mount Fuji, players found themselves at the mysterious and mystical Isle Jigen that felt closely connected to Planet Cray – the world in which their imaginations drew history. With kind residents, a familiar host, new faces of benefactors, and more, the air was charged with energy for excitement and flair. For some, it was to see friends again, for others, it was to overcome the lasting trauma of the previous page in history, for more, it was a place to test one's strength when pushed to the limit with the power to transcend. To the victor went the spoils blessed by the Salvation of Creation, who would give birth to a future possibility carved specifically for that one individual that stood at the apex. A spectacle for the ages...

… that was meant to be the grand finale of one last unresolved story.

“Azazel” - a woman who mockingly takes the form of a woman of pale skin with a black visor to mock her dear “Meister” - looms menacingly over the reunion party. This monster is “Phantom Blaster Dragon”, the evil incarnate of despair who yearns for the darkness and misery of the worlds. Previously thought to have been vanquished by the Ultimate Vanguard who transcended to exculpate the black knights... This was proven false, as twice the heroes have been shown they were wrong. The first is during the Link Joker Invasion, where the enigmatic, charismatic leader of the Revenger division of the knightly order: “Mordred Phantom” and the new threat which Chronojet Dragon and others discovered: “Gust Blaster Dragon”. When the transcendent blaster burned away the evil dragon to save the shadowy knights, its soul split into two: the original light of the guardian dragon and the malice of the corrupted dragon. “Dragruler Phantom” being the result of the first and “Gust Blaster” being the second. These two are the centerpieces of the grand design laid out before the heroes gathered here today.


During the tournament, sparks flew erratically and powerfully as the world-class fighters clashed in the invitation only showdown. Champions of foreign countries such as Cero Kirguis and Aoi Undyne, the return of Japan's own first national champion: Hana “Isabella” Espoir, the twin beacons of hope from the nightmare of the reapers: Haruka Nakahara and Noel Kusanagi, along with many others appeared with Generation Rare singing the songs of encouragement – firing up the participants and the spectators. … Of course, with the Chosen Sword: Yukino Espoir dressed up in a cheerleading outfit for Generation Rare's amusement and the arousal of most of the male audience. The echoes of the elder Hakaisha brother referring to her as “thicc” are also carved into history, much to her dismay... But it worked on lighting up the mood to either further ignite spirits or get a lot of cheerful laughter. Thanks to many efforts, white-hot battles with numerous upsets and prayed-for victories came about. Leaving frustration, tears, awe, and belated war cries.

From the heat of the imagination of Vanguard's conception – the fated battle between Blaster Blade and Dragonic Overlord... The competitive and hopeful spirits everyone had lost had been reborn in peace.

For a time.

The entity of despairing darkness appeared and claimed her first victim, unleashing Stride suited in her image. There was an injury, and with it came great worry. The officials assured all was fine, and the fighter would be given medical attention, but doubt was on the rise. Those who were there to see the finale of the legendary era demanded answers, to which the Chosen Sword answered: “The civil war of Royal and Shadow never ended.”

iii. DAY TWO

For those involved and knowing the dragon of hell, this instilled a great deal of dread. The tournament continued as normal, despite this and a lack of clear answers... Alas, the time was not yet ripe as the battles proceeded. More of the underlying elements that would give birth to a new story unveiled themselves, such as the simple soul's fear of a violent vanguard, a girl who feared her position as one who accepted Link Joker, among other things such as the Vanguard Association's King Artorias, Enma, and Kishi Kurokiba taking notice of those who would be useful in the coming days. Those who can set an example and those who look for a career in what they do with their experience. It was odd, but everyone managed to focus in some way. It was very simple for the audience to take heed to officials' voices, especially after a speech given by Karin Ouriel to help settle public unrest. This came with incredible games, such as Japan's National Champion defeating the supposed God of the Sun, and the Overlord clad in ceremonial armor beating just barely defeated by the guardian dragon of the past: Thing Saver. After such heated battles, along with the road to semi-finals being pushed as hard as possible, the dread returned.

And this is the story's continuation you wish to know.

Hana Espoir, younger sister of the Legendary Era's lead, Yukino Espoir was seeded against the evil dragon. While the child of the stars was determined to wipe away the sins of the past with her own power, the previously trounced Sun Knight stepped forward with a bet for his fallen comrade: Gastor. He was to defeat Azazel himself, sparing Hana any harm. And while it was unexpected and unplanned for, King Artorias motioned for it to be allowed, offering Solis his spot in the tournament back shall he come out victorious. The evil dragon sneered as all eyes were on the rematch of the Overlord and the Phantom. Their fight proceeded without delay in a furious clash of flames and darkness, showering the battlefield with the reminiscent energy of the past, bathing in the light of the present and future transcendents, a decisive turnabout came from the wicked entity's jeer.

Phantom Blaster Dragon had – once again – showed itself to be a Break Ride.

Unveil the terror of its new form, Gust Blaster Dragon appeared with tremendous power that blotted out Perfect Guards, along with a ridiculous stat that was extremely difficult to guard, Solis was mowed down mercilessly by a retire-five-on-attack combination, wrecking him in the same way Gastor was with a different unit. Horrific screams resounded through the arena as the villain was unsatisfied, attacking Hana immediately afterward in the confusion. It would've taken too much time for officials to respond, so Yukino called out a name:


Tomozo, the eldest sister of Generation Rare, responded by leaping off of the stage, transforming into her true self: the Divine Power: Leviathan. With a malicious, echoing cackle, the horrorterror, she revealed she was alive and attacked the dragon. The sight of the summoned Original Deletor, Eigorg causing mass panic and painful migraines, but they were dissipated quickly as the reaper sent the dragon of hell careening through the stadium. The Chosen Sword quickly followed up by chasing after the dragon as the officials stayed behind to help the spectators. This left the cast in shock, awe, and horror as they inquired if it was truly the evil incarnate that plagued their lives, scarring them forever with the greatest showdown of history against a malefic god.

“The one and only!”

In the meantime, Azazel fought in a one-on-one confrontation against her “lovely Meister”. The Chosen Sword knew not what she referred to, and focused on the duel. Despite her completely new look and... increased proportions... Yukino Espoir fought even more fiercely than she did during the war days. Summoning her first trademark Stride, ironically Shadow Paladin: Supremacy Black Dragon, Aurageyser Dragon. Phantom Blaster retaliated with Dark Dragon, Blaster Razer Dragon and they clashed ferociously with the massive black beasts behind them. The former fighting with incredible precision and power, godly speed with its violent thrusts of the spear. The latter swung back, wildly countering with its blade of shadowy flames, letting loose ghastly howls as the two figures of the civil war fought with blinding swiftness. It was picking up yet another round from all those years ago, except the dragon of hell was not partnered with Jellal. In a way, it was worse as this was no fight she could simply talk herself out of. Regardless, the skies darkened with storm clouds, the dragons roared, steel clanged and resounded against one another, the hero of light moving with grace in her swordsmanship as the demon of darkness utilized its damned lance. The God of War proved her merit in standing on incredibly equal footing, which was much different from before... Unfortunately, it could only go on for so long as the heroes appeared right when Yukino had been bombarded with an incredible blast, leaving her injured and worn out, but her limitless resolution kept her in the fight.

The Messiah answered at this time, empowering the party with the ability to deal with Azazel's massive damage threshold. Yet, even with the assistance of a Divine Power, the outrageously strong Break Ride combination had fighters meeting the dirt as she defeated those in her way while still actually taking damage. It was a uphill battle, but not hopeless. During this collision, the dragon of hell asked “Meister” where Royal Paladin was after Aurageyser Dragon was beaten. In addition to that, why was the summoned Blaster Dark not helping the corrupted guardian dragon that gave it power? The answer came in the form of Dragruler, the other half of the demonic dragon, but she seemed not to know who he was. Dragruler, boastful in its quest to lay the past to rest, attacked its other half, only to be swiftly put down by its stronger self. Azazel sneered in response, stating no one could escape the coming deep darkness, and offered her other self, Blaster Dark, and “Meister” a place to join her like the old days of the civil war.

Dragruler refuses, Yunos says nothing but conveys anger in his green eyes, the Chosen Sword curses her existence.

So Azazel turns to the “traitor” and the “doll” - Jellal and Seifer who were her partners beforehand, and they seemed to have similar responses, though differently toned. Jellal's carrying a myriad of feelings while Seifer's carried confusion.

“Fine”, the dragon of hell decided, retreating from battle for the time being in irritation. And with yet another injury, along with collateral damage of the coliseum and reveal of the resurrected great evil, many demanded answers. Others stated rest would be appropriate before a long discussion, but a moment of comedic relief washed over them. For you see, Bashiro Hakaisha had taken note of the tense and unsettled air due to the presence of Azazel, and the association not telling anyone of what they know. Especially in his friend Carlos who had been unsettled by Vanguard being a tool of war again. So, he came up with a plan between his younger brother, his dog, and the simple soul to play a prank on the Chosen Sword to lighten up everyone's mood. This meant another rousing round of embarrassment as Yukino's bra had been blown off during the fight with Azazel, her clothing left torn, but still intact enough to keep her decent. This proved fruitless as Bashiro found the prize: said brassiere as its owner freaked out. He nearly got to announce her massive cup size to the circle of heroes before a kick was delivered to his face so ferociously, he had flashbacks of the Reaper Invasion.

Poor guy.
Poor girl.



Proceeding onward, the third day had come to pass with worry clouding the island. The tournament would be taking a day break as the “issue” gets handled by the overseers, which was a bit infuriating for several given that sounded like they planned to continue this charade. Although, those who were willing to fight entered the dining hall at Yukino's request, and officials were immediately met with an angry younger Espoir sister and... surprisingly, one of the previous reaper drones: Kachidoki. Furious with numerous choices made by the Chosen Sword, he seemed ready to behead her through his angry gaze. Thankfully, they were calmed down by others in the area. King Artorias assisted in the explanation for the questions everyone asked them. Finally... the truth was revealed, telling that the tournament was indeed planned to be a commemorative event. This changed upon the discovery of their new foe, and the event became a front to draw the evil dragon out. As explained in this document before, Exculpate the Blaster waved away the crimes of Shadow Paladin while destroying Phantom Blaster Overlord in an instant. But it was then that the two souls: the light of the guardian dragon and the amalgamation of evil separated. At this point, Yunos – one of the central figures of the civil war wielding the sword of determination: Blaster Dark appeared to clarify. Feeling the gravity of sin weigh heavily at its back, the guardian dragon welcomed the shadow, becoming the sanctuary's darkness that is currently looking for its nemesis. That dragon is Dragruler Phantom, the leading figure of the Revengers. The evil soul, as Harbinger chimes in, was born in a similar manner to herself: becoming a solid mass of malice and wickedness, shaped by the negativity of Cray.

This evil incarnate of the reapers had nearly succeeded in destroying the universe, so a being similar to her raised many red flags.

Mordred – one day while history was nearly finished mending the wounds of time and war – vanished to “settle his karma” with his other half. No one had heard from him until yesterday, and at some point, the association was forced to get involved. The Mediator of Time: Chronojet Dragon had found the wicked spirit by chance, only to be defeated, shockingly. Various parties searched afterward once they knew what to find, but they either did not come back, or returned empty handed. Even though Chronojet had found Gust Blaster once again, he was trounced by the new despair incarnate. With power that could overthrow a Divine Power, the Vanguards began to take action, as did Messiah. This led to their scheme: they had to first understand what they were up against. They had to see what their enemy was capable of. Secondly, they needed reinforcements. The first was through Azazel's showing in the tournament, and the reinforcements... are the world-level fighters that gathered here on Isle Jigen. Initially, they could not see everything Azazel could do against Gastor, as she did not Break Ride or use Gust Blaster Dragon. They knew it was a Break Ride from the Chosen Sword's memory of seeing her younger brother – Seifer Espoir – use it once before.

So then, how was the tournament drawing out their enemy?

Because it had Yukino's name – Exculpate the Blaster's name – on it. Azazel is attracted to negative emotions, feeding upon it, and it is why they did not stop Solis from fighting her. The audience's fear, doubt, and worry growing ensures their target stays around.

This makes the younger Espoir sister more livid than anyone else. “You're using Vanguard as a means of war again, and you dragged people from across the globe for it! You could even get some of us killed!” Her anger was understandable, and the elder sister could only say it was necessary. This began sparking an argument between them, but King Artorias silenced them, demanding they take their sisterly squabbling elsewhere. There is still more to tell, adding that Isle Jigen was important to this operation that risked its residence. Thankfully, not only did the friendly neighborhood buddhist: Zahvi still agree to their plan, but he gave them the information they needed to know on the island. It can only be found through a certain angle past Mt. Fuji, it is hidden from the world so none can simply stumble upon it, it is very easy to tell when someone leaves the island as it is to track someone down on it. On top of all of that, they have successfully created a reason for Azazel to stay here.

… Ultimately, nothing changes that this is not what anyone signed up for. Yet, the Chosen Sword tells them that it's fine now, as they have enough to go on. She would go fight the evil dragon alone, telling the association, Harbinger, and other strong fighters to remain in place. Their presence will ease the minds of many. Naturally, after the beating she took yesterday, others tell her not to go. Alas, she does so anyway, and several others follow to help regardless of how she felt. This is where the cast began to split, Aoi Undyne in particular noting that following doesn't come across as wise. They know too little of the backstory behind all of this, only knowing a bit of the why and how. Though she is admittedly not bright, many agree they only know about the corrupted guardian dragon.

Who is Exculpate?
What is Gust Blaster's “revenge”?
What was Phantom Blaster Dragon's overall goal in the grand scheme of things?

Numerous questions with no answers, more than those. Here, Enma chimes in to reveal that Zahvi not only agreed to their plan, but also seemed to know of it before they asked. He may know much, much more than he let on, and that they should pursue him for exposition. So, after asking him and villagers about Zahvi and his whereabouts, they discover that the monk leader is currently in the middle of meditation, which is important for the entirety of the island. This raises the question if he was simply a humble monk or some kind of deity... That aside, the party gets their answer: he lives up in the mountains of Isle Jigen.

That won't be an annoying hike!

Still, the bubbly Aoi Undyne stated that it would be excited, spreading her hyperactive energy to others... or exhausting them before they got started. Either way, the hike got tiresome very quickly until they spot a massive thunderstorm in the distance with four pillars. That... was Zahvi's house. Before they could get over there or over their shock, a blade struck the ground. Those who played and still do play Dragonic Overlord recognize it to be the sword used by the winds of the apocalypse. It is here the cast meets the four alternative futures of extremely prominent icons:

Supreme Heavenly Emperor Dragon, Dragonic Overlord “the Ace”
War Deity, Asura Kaiser
Chief Deity of Heavens, Amaterasu
and... Divine Knight King, Alfred Holy Saver.

The four devas state that mortals are not allowed to trespass on these holy grounds, unless they reject the destiny of Bhavaagra as dictated by Vishnu and Shiva. … Whatever any of that was, was a question for another day. The cast refusing to step down, the more violent Overlord and Asura prepared to strike, Amaterasu gradually losing her patience as well until Alfred decided to put everyone to the test in defeating the four of them for clearance. Accepting this wager, four parties split to fight them, each transcended being referencing a legendary hero whom they were partnered with.

The asura inquired why none played Nova Grappler, stating the player he knew only lost to the absolute best at times, and none other.

The goddess mocks the memory of fighters in this time, her partner never forgetting anything with a perfect, photographic memory.

The overlord jeers at the weakness and lack of risks, for the reward of his original form sweeping away an entire front row was done only by one man.

The king is rather joyful that the vanguards of this time are quite capable, including the girl who uses his deck, currently. His bluenette vanguard of this time is bold, brave, and heroic while the boy of his time began as a timid weakling. Yet, over time, as he meant the vanguards of the other devas, he grew more courageous until becoming a hero. In a way, many of the people gathered here today are similar to the bluehaired wonder he referred to.

With the devas defeated, they were granted entry to Zahvi's home, who welcomed them with open arms and... a bountiful feast for lunch. While that was nice, they had a multitude of questions, including some about why he lived in the middle of a storm, but he dodged those. This man is a “mediator” akin to Chronojet, but one who stands between lifeforms instead of the concept of time. … Yet another thing that raised many questions, but they decided to focus on the current plot revolving around the civil war. To this, he stated: “To know the story of now, you must know the story of then.”


During the days of King Ezer's reign of the United Sanctuary, there existed a legendary blacksmith who began the lineage of “Blaster”, and would eventually come to be known as the holy nation's most famed traitor: “Blaster Meister”. Blaster Meister was a woman who created the magical superweapons following her namesake, including the treasured “Blaster Blade”. One of the rare black knights of the sanctuary before Shadow Paladin's conception, she had fallen in love with his majesty. Alas, he rejected her advances, wounding her deeply. It was because of her she created super soldiers such as Ahmes who wielded the sword of courage, along with having a hand in the impressive military power that could stand up to Dragon Empire. In her dejected rage, she created new weapons with a wicked plot.

At this point, listeners could figure what happened.

It was not Blaster Dark yet, but she created Rapier, Axe, and Javelin. One day, to further their chances of victory, she offered these to the king in their war against the empire. Unfortunately, Lola and Gurread were possessed by the evil weapons, revealing this to be a trap where the Blasters dominated them with hostile emotion. Because of this, Meister was thrown in jail with the weapons confiscated. And around this time, Dark Zone invaded in the war between two nations, beginning the Third Ogre War. In the chaos, the criminal escaped, finding the wounded guardian dragon: Thing Saver... and promptly killed it with an evil plan set into motion. Dying its soul black, “Phantom Blaster” - the damned lance was forged and the dragon of hell was born. … This only left the boy filled with raging jealousy, as Ahmes activated the sword of courage while Yunos could not. The woman granted him a sample of the power he could have to rival his idol he came to loathe – Blaster Dagger... which would eventually become Blaster Dark.

From that point onward, Meister mysteriously disappeared from history, and the civil war between Royal Paladin and Shadow Paladin carried out as all know until the terrorists were “exculpated”. The acceptance of shadow and forgiving them for their crimes while also declaring they have done no wrong. From then on, light and shadow lived in harmony.

Yet, as the cast knows, the dragon of hell split: the guardian dragon's consciousness reawakening and the malicious entity was conceived by negativity.

Combined with Yukino's story, we come to the events that transpire today. Though, this is not explain Azazel referring to her as “Meister”, to Jellal as “traitor”, and to Seifer as “doll”. Zahvi answers that Yukino's powers are similar to Meister's, so Gust Blaster wants revenge on her lineage and Exculpate. She wants revenge on Jellal for his “betrayal” years ago during the events of the war, and feels the boy who had his history rewritten for the sake of erasing PTSD is nothing more than a hollow shell she can use. That, and he used Dragruler, her other half.

Zahvi warns that the book shall soon close, and those who did not come along with them should be checked up on.

They find Azazel wiped out the party, her power gradually coming to match a Divine Power's, meaning the nightmare's climax is upon them soon.


Day four and the tournament continues... while the first block was deciding its finalist, the second block could not proceed as quickly. Solis' stunt caused the brackets to pause before semi-finals, but with no more interruptions, Hana vs Azazel was set to go on. While Yukino was worried, Hana herself had requested she be allowed a shot at defeating the evil dragon herself. When it came to the sisters, Yukino was better with a weapon in hand, but Hana excelled at Vanguard far more than her. There were still doubts, but the association and others bet on the Princess of Cray defeating the Evil Dragon, the long-awaited showdown of Bermuda Triangle and Shadow Paladin. Years ago, the former was sacrificed to protect Royal Paladin from being lost to the Void by Phantom Blaster Overlord, which she would give Azazel hell for. She expressed how sick and tired she was of Vanguard being used the way it was. As a means of war, destiny, world-takeover ambition, used for and against evil entities like Gust Blaster... Her pure belief in Vanguard carried her, surprising the masses as she was not only fighting evenly against Azazel, but even overpowering her for most of the game. Putting on a magnificent display to truly announce the return of Japan's Champion, Hana showed that she had the power to end this nightmare in one decisive sweep. With consecutive combination attacks and a Critical Two vanguard, Azazel couldn't guard.

The evil dragon... couldn't guard...!

Azazel cackled, stating that if Jellal had tried harder, they could've fought the real prize of the sisters. Arrogantly, she declares “no guard”.

And it was all for naught as Azazel hit a heal trigger.

Following that was the beginning of the end, Azazel summoning her new transcended form – a Generation Break Three G Unit: Sovereign Evil, “Azazel”. Using a skill reminiscent of her original form, she attacks the princess with power and critical increases. While a Perfect Guard – which Hana used – easily stopped the assault, the evil dragon spread its power and critical to others, creating one, lone, massive rearguard. The vile witch sneers that the princess should have waited on Exculpate to save her, promptly defeating and injuring her the same way she did Gastor and Solis before others could react in time. This brought the officials to move without hesitation, the spectacle of the full reveals of what would be famous icons in the near future: Holy Dragon, Sanctuary Guard Regalie, Martial Arts Dragon Emperor, Duel Sieger, and Purgatory Knights' Leader, Demios Sword Dragon. As Artorias, Enma, and Kishi struck, the evil dragon was too powerful by now, blowing them away. The skies turn dark over Isle Jigen once again, only this time to declare the coming of ruin and despair as Azazel announces she will absorb her lesser half – Thing Saver. The statue of the dragon that felt familiar to everyone has the light of the guardian dragon within, and it is the last step to Azazel's final ascent in power.

“Dear Meister, gaze in awe of my glory! Our ambition will finally bear fruit – we shall take over the world, coating it in darkness!! Ahahahaha!! This is much grander than just the United Sanctuary, is it not?!”

Azazel vanishes, and Yukino calls for Harbinger to give chase. Just as the rest of the cast would follow, they are stopped by the Divine Powers. Messiah and Chronojet inform the heroes that Azazel is an incarnation of destruction – an incarnation of Harbinger. With the level of power she had reached, this disaster quickly rises to the same level of a crisis Leviathan caused years ago. While not invincible like the God of Hyperdeath, Messiah and Chronojet admitted they were not nearly as strong as Azazel is at the moment. To clarify, they do not have the same means of countering Azazel's existence, and Messiah is at full power, but Chronojet is not from rebuilding time from the ground up after the reaper war. Harbinger's power has – of course – been properly restricted on top of this. This is a problem... and to offer a solution, Mordred Phantom appears, desiring to end the nightmare caused by his malicious half with his own hands. He, of course, did not have enough power to do so, but he retorts that faith and belief carries anyone a long, long way. This is proven by the endless abundance of faith everyone had during the Deletor invasion. Those who know of Mordred's identity and his past – especially Yukino after using him during the Star-vader Invasion – note that he had developed interestingly. From the monster of despair he once was to one of the unsung heroes, even Yunos appeared and bows. The black knight – Blaster Dark – swallows his pride and casts aside his stubborn nature, requesting everyone's aid.

How could one reject this?

The Divine Powers grant Mordred the power he seeks, fueling his dragonic transformation spurred on by the unification of light, shadow, and faith. In a way, becoming an existence similar to Majesty Lord Blaster's – the Ultimate Vanguard's – the Black Dragon Renegade, Dragruler Redemption was reborn as Cray Elemental. Vowing to close the book on this final chapter, the civil war will end today as he brandishes his blade. Yukino adds that one fighter will have to draw out all of the dragon's power with a reality bangle or any superhuman abilities, and the chosen fighter to this day seems to be the most fitting choice. For what their name is, you all have decided.

Before proceeding, they are hindered by Kazuki Ikaruga. A mysterious boy who entered the Messiah Scramble with a new clan never-before-seen: Cosmic Defender. They had appeared with a “scar”, caused by the invading Link Joker whom they were meant to stop. Unfortunately, they failed and the invasion carried on, leaving the clan in shambles in space. Kazuki was led to believe Azazel could help him mend the wounds of the clan, unknowing that this was a lie. Because he did not know, he stood in the way of the heroes aiming to stop Azazel, but the infected Cosmic Defenders were put down by Dragruler Redemption's new display of his powers, allowing them to advance.


In the meantime, Harbinger caught up to her “spawn” of sorts, and the two had a monstrous clash at Thing Saver's statue. The God of Hyperdeath and the Dragon of Despair collided with insane power, tearing apart the earth to attack one another as Original Deletor, Eigorg and Dark Dragon, Blaster Razer Dragon had an epic duel that shook reality. Unlike Yukino's battle or others fighting Azazel, Harbinger was doing a significant amount of damage as her claws rend asunder the sky and terrain to rip away the darkness. The constant scowl worn by Azazel made it clear the reaper was doing a number, the island quaking at the seemingly one-sided battle. Soaring in the air, over the sand, through forest areas and still miraculously not destroying the statue on accident, Gust Blaster lamented as she realized Harbinger's immortality. Fatal blows meant nothing to the Divine Power that nearly swallowed the universe whole as food, which the reaper cackled hideously about. Yet, over time, the battle began to even up, the evil incarnate running out of energy. Regrettably, Leviathan is on a leash, so she was never going to last a long battle against Cray's evil incarnate with her restrained powers.

This resulted in the reaper overlord losing to the sovereign evil, and nearly being absorbed just to grow stronger before the cavalry arrived. The final battle that would end the civil war was upon them, and the simple soul: Carlos... tried to talk Azazel down. While it was warming to see he was still kind to everyone and gave them a chance, it was unfortunately thrown back in his face. Yukino stood guard for Harbinger, and Blaster Blade and Blaster Dark were called forth. However, Exculpate, Ahmes, and Yunos had their power immediately siphoned from them, as Blasters not under Azazel's control were nothing more than fuel to her. This left everyone else to fight in this historical clash to end it once and for all. This applied to other Blasters as well, making them unusable for the fight, which she laughed at other users of Blaster Blade and Blaster Dark for. Even with Messiah, Chronojet, and other Cray Elementals at their aid – including Dragruler – Azazel's damage threshold was utterly massive, requiring the cast to fight for their lives in tearing down a massive wall bit by bit.

There was still hope, for as stated before: Azazel was not invincible. Blows were decisive, attacks were fierce, and prayers were carrying to deal realistic damage to Gust Blaster. Waves of the ocean crashed against the island, the destructive storm whipped up by the amalgamation of evil's presence causing violent winds to rip trees and homes from the earth, causing a maelstrom of disaster to rain down upon the cast in their battle. That deterred no one, however, knowing they had to win or it would be a lot worse than that.

Eventually, the princess carried by the previously beaten Solis and Gastor banded together in their injured states to disrupt Azazel's power siphon channeling, freeing all of the Blasters for the second phase.

v.b. BIRTH

And the chain of events that occur here leading to the final phase and the end shape history. With both sides at full power – Exculpate, Ahmes, and Yunos able to fight once more – the massive bout was reflected on Cray as all stood against the towering, overwhelming Stride of Despair. Jellal Kisaragi who had originally used Phantom Blaster Dragon for the sake of his goal opens the phase by declaring his acceptance of the darkness – accepting the Dragon of Hell. Regardless of how it brings pain and misery, he believed that Dragruler showed it could change – and it showed he himself that he could and did change as well. Just as Exculpate had light and darkness embrace one another, forgiving their crimes, he is finally able to forgive himself for his transgressions and found the path he sought to be on. Azazel spits on this kindness, but Jellal's emotion and loyalty to his friends was one of many encouragements, as was Aoi Undyne's light and energetic optimism that kept everyone fighting. Slowly, but surely, the light was trying to resist the darkness. Alas... the demon's grip – darkness began to coat the world as they all combated, threatening to engulf Earth and Cray in a deep, dark, black abyss. In a way, it was just like when Leviathan was going to destroy creation, only a much slower buildup than the sudden shifts of the Reaper War.

Dragruler Redemption and Azazel clashed every so often as others bombarded the evil dragon in the same way they would all massive enemies from the war prior. Every bit, every inch, every scream, every scrape was doing something. It was completely different from the sea of despair they were lost in years ago... this Miracle Generation was spurred on by hope, knowing and knowing, believing and believing, seeing and seeing that they were making progress. Much more than they could have said in fighting the armored reaper or its brother initially.

As the world was being swallowed by darkness, the eyes of humanity watched and prayed. Those of Cray in dragons, demons, elves, humans, and more watched and prayed. The soldiers fought on, heroes howled in defiance of the end, and they all remembered: they stopped the end of the world once, they could surely do it again. Even as Divine Powers Messiah and Chronojet were having a hard time, despite Messiah's full power, they knew they did not have to be lucky this time, as they were already present to ward away the malicious animosity.

History was being made for the last time in the Legendary Era, extending into one more chapter that ends the first. The decisive bout moved toward its close after so long, everyone covered in bruises and wounds, exhaustion overtaking many if the darkness had not already gotten hold of them. Yes... the blackness that would blot out the light forever reached them, beginning to drag heroes down and into the gaping maw of the abyss.

But they resisted.

They struggled.

Bit by bit, they fell and tried to crawl away from the darkness when captured. The one who stood by Dragruler and the Black Dragon Renegade continued to fight, swords slamming against one another over and over as the fighter did all they could to continue going on. Hopelessness was a concept they all wished to reject, but... it was hard when they were being pulled into the void. There was nowhere to run and nowhere to escape... The despair fueled the evil dragon as the heroic one fought bravely and resolutely. After so long, those caught in the grip of darkness... conceded, holding on to their friends. Holding on to their families. Even the sisters Yukino and Hana who had been doing near-nothing but arguing this week... Yukino approached her hurt sister on the ground, the two nestled close together with the elder's hand on top of the younger's, both clutching them in prayer.

In the final moments, Draguler gave monologue as he made one last stand against his other half, and these would be recorded as his last words forevermore:

“My friend, Blaster Dark - Yunos… I must thank you... and apologize... for I am terribly sorry for all that I’ve put you through as Phantom Blaster Dragon, and the stress I must have given you as Mordred Phantom. Yet… I cannot express enough how truly grateful I am to you and those I have met. In becoming the Sanctuary’s shadow, combating death, despair, pain, misery… I have learned. The path of Shadow is not one of sorrow, not one of grief, not one of remorse, not one of violence, not one of betrayal, not one of evil… and not one of regret. No more shall it be a path of isolation nor a way of suffering.

I will not lament, nor will I mourn what has happened in the past, today… nor will I fear tomorrow.

I am a proud Vanguard that has been accepted by the light and the dark.”

The two of Phantom Blaster Dragon knocked each other backward as Azazel declared:

I am the victor!! I will rule this world, and leave nothing but the darkness of eternity!”

And Dragruler Redemption rejected this ending.

“Not on either of our lives!!”

One lasting meeting between blades, the text of the Abyss Dragons revealed abilities that resonated with one another's existence, and in this meshing of shadow, they vanished.

Within moments, the darkness of the world was absorbed by piercing darklight, saving those taken by the darkness, and the world.

And before the moon, the dragon Shadow Paladin players had been utilizing appeared.

Crisis Messiah Summary Megapost Gfbctnn

The dragon takes in the remains of Azazel's darkness, speaking no words as he holds its stance dauntingly in front of the moon. The cast realizes the two dragons must have... become one, creating “Dark Dragon, Phantom Blaster “Diablo””. In that case, which mind is the victor? The most obvious argument is Dragruler, but Gust Blaster is cunning and patient, seeing how long it waited to attack like this.

But he knew.
Blaster Dark knew.
As Yunos stared upon the abyss dragon in awe, only he would know the victor.

Thus, the tale of Light and Dark ends. The final page is filled in, and the book closed.

Finale - DAY FIVE

While the nightmare had ended, the celebratory event had never concluded for the Messiah Scramble. So, as Isle Jigen prepared to fix all damages with the help of the association, fans and fighters across the world cheered as the finals came for a happy sendoff. Hana was eliminated from the standings, allowing Azazel to proceed, but Azazel was gone now, so that person – Kazuki Ikaruga went to finals. However, the matter of him and his clan's “infection” weren't cleared up just yet. But, to keep further public unrest to a minimum, no one knew that except the heroes and the person he fought against. So, Messiah and Chronojet distracted the crowd with exciting fireworks and the like as the final battle took place in a white-hot clash of competition and beliefs. Though Cosmic Defenders were very strong and resolute, someone offered to save them in a way that did not rely on making a deal with the devil.

That person was the grand victor of the Messiah Scramble, Aoi Undyne.

An bundle of light and hope, it was hard to resist her attempts to help others and reach out to them. After her nightmareish life caused by the reapers – after they had taken Glory Maelstrom from her, her being here now showed that miracles are real and life can always change for the better. It was only natural she reached the hearts of everyone she talked to on the island, helping Trinity accept herself as a Link Joker user more and being her friend, cheering Seifer up, having a great time with Mirai in a well-fought battle of them being pretty alike, rekindling with Haruto, and now saving Kazuki from despair's grip.

So, in expected fashion, Aoi did not accept the prize of getting a Generation Break Three or Keyword made just for her. She wanted to find the future carved out for her all on her own, and the Divine Powers could not help but chuckle at the purity she and others exemplify. Carlos extended a hand to help Link Joker in their social acceptance, along with making what felt like true, honest-to-goodness friends with others. Haruka has a career set out for himself, that has gotten the attention of Karin and Hana who he approaches in the future... or they are the ones who approach him. The fate of Cosmic Defenders and their Vanguard left up in the air, the catching up Hana and Jellal have to do being saved for the future, Tamotsu gaining his memories back to spend with his new family: the Hakaishas, along with many, many other elements that would grow into beautiful scenery and tales for the future bloomed in this joyous finale. Aoi was awarded with a flower crown and a trophy by Zahvi. The association overseers have some concerns: Artorias was upset with how things were ran, Yukino was upset at how it all escalated, and Kishi had more than a few words about the tomfoolery of a lot of people who participated, but Enma made it impossible to complain, cheering them up and reminding them that the event was a success in the end.

And at the end of the day, Generation Rare sings goodbyes as Isabella gives a heartwarming smile in the sunset while all bid each other farewell:

See you tomorrow~!

I feel the sunshine, lighting up the sky.
The sea, the horizon, feeling so alive
Yes I have never felt this way before!

The stars in the sky are glowing just for me
The wind I've been waiting is here and I believe
Now's the time, and I will fly
I see the "go" sign

Take a chance, YES, NO?
I can see my hopes and dreams I'll fight until the end!
Just believe! You will see!
It's time to show the fire burning in me!

Fly far away
Blasting rockets to the sky
We will soar our way up high!
(Let's go together!)

Catch my star yes I can!
It's the moment of our lives
Our passion burning blazing bright!

Never giving up, I trust my heart, Now I believe!
(Yes we can reach our dreams!)
Together we'll create new miracles!
A beautiful world!
Now is the time!
We are ready to fight!
What are you waiting for?

I wish I could tell you what is in my heart
A song of passion I’ve written in my heart
I would love to sing this song for you
I finally found the way that I should go
The will that will lead me to search for happiness
Triggering your hidden power
To create new miracles

Who makes the judgment?
Throw away your worries and don't ever be afraid
Possible, ability
I'll spread my wings and soar right up to the sky

FUTURE SKY It's in our hands!
It is time that we believe,
In our hearts, hopes and dreams.
It's your smile that gave me hope.
And the strength to carry on,
Like a thousand jewels shimmering.
With all our might, with our heart,
With all our soul (we'll never same)
Together we will start our journey
A beautiful world...!

Towards the world of passion
A brand new start waiting just for us

Just like the stars in the sky and you will shine
Lets create our new world

FLY AWAY Fly far away
Blasting rockets to the sky
We will soar our way up high!
(Let's go together!)

Catch my star yes I can!
It's the moment of our lives
Our passion burning blazing bright!

Never giving up, I trust my heart, Now I believe!
(Yes we can reach our dreams)
Together we'll create new miracles
A beautiful world!
Now is the time!
We are ready to fight!
What are you waiting for? We are DREAM SHOOTERS!

Crisis Messiah of the Miracle Generation
- The End of the Beginning
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