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Fine Dining - Mizumi Empty Fine Dining - Mizumi

Post by Jello on Thu Dec 08, 2016 4:41 pm

Where I come from,
We call this burning bridges and moving on.
The world you're living in
Is stuck in a picture frame,
I pulled myself from that image so long ago.

Fine Dining - Mizumi Kirishima

Unfathomed Force
~ Baby Bird ~
IGN: Anjaro
Name: Mizumi
Alias: Mizumi
Age: 24
Gender: grill (ex-boi)
Nation: Dark Zone
Main Clan: Dark Irregulars
Secondary Clan: N/A
Alignment: Hero
Generation: New Generation

Avatar Card:
Scharhrot Vampir

Personality: In an effort to distinguish herself from the commonplace norm she entered once entering the Nakahara family life, Mizumi has pushed herself to become a new person. Transform her once empty canvas of an ideal into something worth caring about. She has forced herself to begin work in the Dark Zone district, no longer keeping contact major contact with people from her past. She views the city as a place of comfort, feeling arguably more comfortable here than staying in the basement of the Nakahara Residence.

On the flipside, she still doesn't know how to handle a lot of the really intricate pieces of her life. Her inability to understand her sexuality is a constant mental debate, often met without any answer. Her desires to move past the life she was leading as a back light to her "cousins", have made her hesitant to converse or spend time with anyone. New people are interesting to her, but she tends to be a bit jumpy or squeamish. Her largest redeeming quality is the jovial attitude she brings about when doing something new. The once temptress of a personality has completely vanished along with the facade and mask she adorned in that life.

She seeks to crack out of her shell and experience a new world for herself, and only for herself.

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