Mizumi Shiina

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Mizumi Shiina

Post by Jello on Fri Nov 13, 2015 5:34 pm

Hi there!:


Character Name:
Mizumi Shiina


Main Clan:
Dark Irregulars

Secondary Decks:
None (as of now)

Avatar Card:
Gwynn the Ripper


Personality: A talker. In fact, she rarely ever shuts her mouth. Its hard to get this buzzing bird to keep her beak shut because she always has so much to say to people. She values the world highly and has always had a bright spirit from day to day, and more often than not just likes being surrounded by the people she knows. Which is everyone. As in, she finds herself more often than not researching about people the day she meets them, gaining facets plus a panoramic view of everything and everyone. There was very few times when she would be quiet over anything except, well, music. She is extremely fun to be around in a happy setting, but is sometimes a tad-bit annoying or often comes off as rude during serious situations.

Her Story:
Mizumi Shiina; one of the most annoying girls you'll ever meet. Cannot find a way to shut her mouth for the life of her once she gets going on something. She absolutely adores everything and anything you could possibly define as "cute." However, despite her insanely talkative nature and ability to naturally befriend anybody who will lend an ear, there was one person she dared not ever get close to.

Amatsuki Tokiya.

A boy who was, in fact, unable to speak. He was mute, and due to paralysis of the tongue and several muscles in the face. With this awkward disability, it would be very difficult to tell the chatterbox of the school to be quiet when you yourself were unable to speak up. Except she never did talk to him. She stayed at a distance, watching him over the tops of books and through bushes and well... she essentially stalked the poor boy.

She didn't really learn much about his life other than he spent a lot of time reading, listening to music and playing a card game called "Cardfight!! Vanguard." This somewhat inspired her to get interested. She decided to take it head on with a grain of salt and confront the boy after several days... weeks... nearly a year and a half of planning what to say.



That's what came out of her mouth. She blinked, semi-biting her lip behind her overly generous smile to try and come off with a good impression. Despite feeling like he was instantly going to run, he smiled back, waved, and leaned down to her height. She was really... really short. As in only a bit over five feet. He leaned down somewhat close to her, causing an intense blush to race over her face as she stumbled figuring out what to say. Amatsuki did what was nearly the unthinkable. He kissed her. Right on the lips. They just met, but he planted one right on her and she simply squirmed flimsily as, quite frankly, she really liked it. What he had done was not kissed her because he was in love with her or something like that. Or at least, not on the surface. Rather, he was unable to truly hear the sound of her soul; or the feeling of somebody at their most honest form. When they're backs are against the wall and their mouth is shut and sealed, how will they react?

This got really cliche really fast.

Amatsuki, unable to truly explain why he did what he did, he simply blushes back seeing the way she responded to his movement. He walked away quickly, dropping a lot of things as he tripped over his own feet. Mizumi would simply giggle at the now dumbfounded boy. He was almost cool. Mizumi, feeling a little bad now for that reaction, goes to pick up the things he had dropped. A pink gem-stone ring, and a deck. The deck was full of all these creepy demons and sexy girls. Maybe Amatsuki was secretly a creep after all. She flipped through the deck, realizing it was that game he played with his friends at lunchtimes. Well, Amatsuki seemed to like her already but maybe learning to play the game he liked would impress him..... So she did.

Mizumi Shiina bought an exact replica of the deck Amatsuki had dropped. No worries, she returned the deck to him a few days later. He was excited to see his deck, then blushed and had a rather difficult time looking at Mizumi. Wow, the roles were very reversed now compared to a year ago. After introducing herself formally, she showed Amatsuki the deck and he was, well, somewhat astounded. With the time it took for fingers to snap, they were at a set of desk mirroring each other, starting a game.

Mizumi spent the entire night before learning as many of the rules as she could to impress him. Amatsuki was very surprised, considering his facial expressions during the fight. She was even better than him in some ways, as in, she was more flexible with her decisions in the game, whereas Amatsuki was better at making calls on guarding. A majority of the games went to Amatsuki, as was expected. However, when Mizumi caught him off guard, she took the lead and ran with it. These continued til the evening and they were kicked out of the school building by security. And then, two weeks later.... Amatsuki was gone.

No word (obviously.) No notice. Not even a text or call, as they did have each others phone number by that point.

She talked his ear off for two weeks as best friends and debatably lovers and then... Poof. Into smoke. Mizumi was about as heartbroken as you could imagine. She kept playing Vanguard with others, hoping to maybe find an answer in the game they both enjoyed to where he left to, or why he left at all. His parents said they hadn't seen him in awhile either, frequently leaving the house late and not coming back until school the next day. Where was Amatsuki Tokiya now?

She was scared. She was depressed. She was angry, infuriated, cursed the world at breath and hated every second of her life for a good week. She knew the boy for only a little bit but that little bit was the best silence she ever received in her life. She herself began to talk less and less. No way to shut her up 100%, but now her voice barely reaches others. Unless you tick her off.

Mizumi's one goal... if she could never see him again, could she at least hear the sound of his breathing one last time?

Not that she was poor-hearted, or that she wanted to hurt people. But she couldn't stand to see the sight of others happiness until her own sudden void was fulfilled. That was the tinge in her heart, and the devil at her heel.

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