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Season 4 - The Apocalypse Empty Season 4 - The Apocalypse

Post by Best Girl on Sun Dec 04, 2016 8:30 pm

Season 4 - The Apocalypse WXsTAOn

It's your girl, Leviathan!
She's right there, in front of the Earth's core...

“Good day, delicious fleshbags that inhabit this timeline's Earth!” The buxom horrorterror greeted all of humanity and company, somehow broadcasting live footage from within the blistering hot depths of the planet. Man, animal, even nature itself bore witness to the impossible of the Waving Deletor strolling about within the confines of the planetary center without a care in the world. From within the core, all could hear the ominous whispers and gurgles, bubbling and chanting from the nonexistent/dead Reapers. With a crazed giggle, the omnicidal maniac grinned, her eyes narrowing with delight and excitement. “I've come to speak with you one last time, specifically to those who know of my war with the Divine Power: Chronojet Dragon. I will explain a truth to why I played with my food so, as I did not have as much choice in this prime timeline. I, the Messiah, and he the Mediator were all placed in charge of the Akashic Record, the disc of the universe that holds all of time and space within it. All of what can, will, and does happen. My objective has been the complete erasure of it and creation, yet I could not reach it. It is protected from destruction by three barriers. One was the Messiah, who vanished during the Star-vader Invasion. For those curious, I ate her – Neu Edelweiss, her name was. The second barrier is Chronojet Dragon himself, who I have been chasing, but he continues to elude me through the remains of time. He won't even appear in an attempt to stop me himself, unlike his dead agent: Chronos. The third barrier, however, relates to you all.”

Leviathan's largely shaped human form turned to the molten sphere that lied in the middle of Earth. Expressions of viewers were of awe, shock, and curiosity mixed with terror. The Deletor wasn't even harmed by the unrelenting heat, and she was likely working magic to protect the recording cameras as well. Her wicked smirk sent chills down everyone's spines, worsened by her tightly compressed form jiggling lightly as she twirled around with jolly cheer in her step. What looked like a beautiful woman could not ever hide the fact that she was an omnipotent evil, unlike Tomozo's body. The long, black waves of hair flew whenever she spun with spring in step. That wondrous mouth all dead Reapers and lesser Deletors were so found of opened with a chorus of eldritch noises, the alien continuing: “The third barrier is the prime timeline's core. Your core: Earth's core. I am the living malice of the original Earth before yours, and because I myself was the core, nothing prevented me from destroying the timeline. In doomed timelines, I never had to bother, and with my lost memories, I would have never remembered to do so. However, thanks to my darling big brother: Sovereign, the Daunting Deletor, Wokshiz... I have been freed from my cage: “Harbinger”. With all my memories intact as the delegated God of Hyperdeath, I recalled the final barrier. Your precious blue planet will die so I may dine on all of creation.”

Giving Harbinger her memory was the single worst thing that could have ever happened. Brandt in the form of a ravenous God would continue doing its job as a parasitic planet free of orbit: mindlessly devour everything in range and sight. Yes, she will destroy the world with everyone getting a great view of their own demise. Screams of horror and pleading began to shake the planet, begging for mercy, asking her to stop. But it mattered not, as the deep, light, mixed twisted chuckle of the Original Deletor told them all it didn't mean a thing. “I'll eat you all, then Chronojet Dragon, then the Akashic Record! Farewell, mortal fools! Despair as you die!” She bellowed as if she was Harbinger again, and her hand reached to the orb of heat, then went through it. In that instant, it became coated with blue blackness, engulfed by the energy maw of the alien deity. It is then when everything in the universe started to contort, twisting into pained spirals and distorting into foreign, unrecognizable objects. It happened all at once, all living beings watched their own homely possessions break apart, go haywire, or just morph into things they couldn't make out or understand. Everything began to crumble and quake – not just Earth. The planets of the solar system shook and soon blacked out of space, and many, many areas on Earth were met with the creeping wave of nothingness that rushed and blanketed the planet. All vanished in the gigantic mouth flooding and submerging their home. Howls and shouts, screams and wails, all of it was echoed in one resounding boom like a roar of nearby thunder that didn't stop. Regrets, remorse, sadness, sorrow, despair, joy, achievement, love, hope, rage, wrath, faith, the senses of defeat, the senses of victory, the relief of an end.

It all no longer existed.

The universe was destroyed.
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