Season 3's End, Season 4's Beginning

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Season 3's End, Season 4's Beginning Empty Season 3's End, Season 4's Beginning

Post by Best Girl on Fri Nov 27, 2015 3:43 pm

It's been a long battle... The Star-vader invasion is finally over, ending with Link Joker's failure. Not only that, but the time travelers of distant futures that introduced "Stride", carrying the Seeds of evil have been eradicated. Though one is still on the loose, humanity has more than proven they will handle it. They have triumphed over the infection outbreak of Reverse, and stopped the end of two worlds. Vanguard - the connection of two planets - grows as the distortions of time and space cease. While peace is sure not to last, all have earn themselves a reprise of relaxation. The Rift's power is no longer out of control, and Void has lost nearly all of its valuable pieces. Even the Clown, whose whereabouts are unknown, cannot be a threat anymore.

After all, these heroes obtained the power to win.

Bask in glory for the time being, children of vanguard.

Your final trial is fast approaching, and the end of your journey is in sight.

I, Chronojet Dragon, have made a decision.

In a dark room, somewhere unknown... a woman gazes down at a lit candle.

"How boring... I guess I have to do something about it now."

The candle is blown out.




Here we are, three months later...
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