Season 3 Continuation - Onset of Doomsday

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Season 3 Continuation - Onset of Doomsday Empty Season 3 Continuation - Onset of Doomsday

Post by Best Girl on Thu Oct 29, 2015 2:12 pm

This year, a massive war broke out. Not one of malice born between humans with anger and hatred, rather, two worlds against alien cyberoids. Planet Cray - a world much like Earth - found itself assaulted by a foreign clan invading from Star Gate: Link Joker. Armed with the might of Lock and Reverse, humans and units alike found themselves put into a deep slumber. If they were not, they were driven into a deranged state to serve the otherworldly destroyers. After the War of Liberation, the nightmare of a year ago was thought to be the beginning of peace. After living through this time, everyone understood that they were wrong.

Schwarzschild Dragon was the herald of these mechanical monsters. Humanity and Cray were both forewarned, and even so, their backs were pushed to a wall. On Earth, while the invaders claimed several humans as Generals, heroic youths countered with a Resistance. Cray, having little answers to Lock, still fought back with the same tier of hope in heart.

It has been a long road for both sides, and this fight still is not over.

It may never be.

To make matters worse, the dawning of world's end was upon all. The Rift, an illogical existence that was beyond time and space, and also void of time and space influenced mass chaos throughout the events of two years. Threatening to rend apart reality, discord of two planets fueled its power unintentionally. Within this hollow plane, the Lord of Time had arisen. He, who was to mend time, now calls to...


As heroes return from a vacation, heroes have confrontations in their homeland, heroes fall, generals attack, villains cry out in agony, evil cringes... he looms overhead.

Devastation begins to reach an even further rising action, scaling toward a climax. The Event Horizon acts as prelude to the one destined to annihilate your future.
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