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Post by Best Girl on Sun Apr 15, 2018 1:51 pm

Me on Discord wrote:Quests can be created by anyone and don't relate to the actual Main Events of the RP, but still play a part in being a driving force in keeping the cast busy. Quests can range from "help me find my deck and fight me" to "I need this certain individual beat up" to "can you show me a specific kind of card" and more, including custom fight rules and conditions if you want. NPCs, civilians, even Branch Directors and the Grand Sanctuary can make Quests. Go wild. As for when the Quests will be put up for people to Roleplay with, that'll be up to me picking out whatever seems good (though you can ask me if your Quest can be put up for people to do at that time).

Example Quest Registration
Quest Name/Thread Title: “Show me a cool Black Dragon!!”
Questmaker: Some five year old (NPC)
Level of Difficulty: C (Use letter grades!)
Description: “I keep seeing all these dragons and none of them do anything cool or radical. I wanna see a cool, edgy dragon that can do something like attack again or gets a bazillion power! Come to the park and show me somethin' cool, please, please, pleaseeeeee!”
Reward: Some FICA points, not a ton. (Can be more than FICA points!)

How this works:
By making a thread in this section, you can have an NPC or one of your characters create a quest that can spark interaction or simply give people something to do by coming up with a task to improve FICA score (which is important to gain entry into big events). Using the template above, you can come up with whatever you want (so long as it isn't entirely pointless or some dumb joke I'll consider spam) and it's your job to come back to that thread and mark it as "Completed". Very simple process, and quests will last for Seasons 5 and 6 at the very least.
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