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Post by Best Girl on Sun Apr 16, 2017 6:25 pm

I know it's not actually a movie, shut up.

- This movie, its plot, and its details are my interpretations of official lore + Shining Swordsman Gaiden Manga + our own lore of the world. If something sounds questionable, it was likely changed or holes were filled in to be able to explain it.

- It has been some years since the Reaper Invasion. Some of the populace remembers, some don't.
- You've earned the use of G Units back and you are enabled to play Stride Fodder. However, you are only allowed G Units that existed for that clan's first wave of G Support OR G Units for your specific deck archetype (i.e. Dragruler Revenant for Revenger). Stride Fusions and Cross Strides are strictly forbidden unless your clan absolutely has no strong G Units in their first wave without it. (For example: Nightrose's stride.)
- Unless you have permission, you may not play a single card post-Neon Messiah booster (excluding Strides, of course.)
- You must play your Season 4 deck. Your deck is what it was during the Reaper Invasion + Strides + Stride Fodder if desired.
- Custom rules apply same as they did in Season 4. No you can't use custom G Units.
- If your clan's beginning G Units are keyworded, please don't worry about it. You can go with it. Otherwise, avoid Keywords like the plague.
- Use nothing that goes above GB2.

- The prize of winning the Messiah Scramble is the ability to use a GB3 custom or official for your character at the very start of the G Era, and they can progress into a GB4 later that same season if desired. If a Branch Director wins, they can enable the use of a Keyword for any of the clans they actually play at the very start of the G Era.

- The movie is canon and has an impact on the main story while also introducing several aspects of the coming G Era.
- If you are new to the RP and don't want to wait, I'll allow you joining the tournament, but you must play a Legion Era deck with Strides.
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