F Chopper Koga

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F Chopper Koga

Post by Best Girl on Sat Mar 19, 2016 5:07 pm

Character Name: F Chopper Koga
Age: 16
Main Clan: Link Joker N̷͜ȩ͟o̶̴̢҉̡ ̸̶̨N̡͘͏̡e̢̛ḉ͟͟͞t̸̵͡a̧͝r̶̶̕͝͏
Avatar Card: Star-vader, Venom Dancer
Alignment: Villain - Part of the Three Top Reaper Drones with Fuki and Solis

Personality: Childish, snarky, and rude. Claims everything is idiotic or a waste of time, and refers to others as "kids" or "brats" while showing unwillingness to deal with them, despite the fact that she's relatively young herself. Holds complete loyalty to Harbinger.

Biography: Revealed to be the youngest sister of the Shop PSY hostesses.
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