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Post by Best Girl on Thu Oct 12, 2017 2:06 am

"One day, we'll all be equal."


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"F Chopper KOGA" 03gTDAG

IGN: Hope
Name: Koga (Surname not found)
Alias: F Chopper KOGA
Age: 21
Gender: cabbage
Nation: Star Gate
Main Clan: Neo Nectar (Original Main), Link Joker
Alignment: Protagonist
Generation: Veteran (Pseudo-Legend)

Avatar Card:
Star-vader, Venom Dancer (Loyalty)
Ranunculus Flower Maiden, Ahsha (Vow)

Personality: Far less of an impertinent brat than she used to be while serving Harbinger as a Reaper Drone. Now, one of the "Agents" along with the others who keep their loyalty to the God of Death for various reasons, Koga charges forward with purpose. Being a member of the Link Joker Revolution and following her elder sister, she desires the previously antagonistic Star-vaders to be accepted by society and Planet Cray. However, this is not a true care for the clan. Instead, it is a cry for acceptance for her family. Her family being Generation Rare - including Fuki and the evil incarnate Harbinger, she desperately clings to her kin feeling they are the only reason to live. Harbinger may not care so much and Fuki may be more focused on the movement, but the green-haired youth only ever cared about staying close to them.

As such, she is violently protective of them and despises the Association for their rejection of Link Joker - bordering abusive rejection. Unfortunately, Koga tends to fight fire with fire - insults with insults - punches with kicks, and so on. Being a bit impulsive, signs of youth are still aplenty within her.

She isn't nearly as difficult to talk to as she was before, however. The girl has become far more patient, despite her impatient actions, and more attentive to the things around her. However, due to the world's cold rejection of her family, she has assumed a shell over her heart that requires significant melting over for every new face. Yet, once you give her and her family a chance, she will treat you as kin. As such, her beloved Neo Nectar - ranging from the new face of the clan in this new era and the royal guard "Musketeers" - remain in her heart to this day.

Still carries that grating habit of calling everyone else "brats", even if they're physically older than her. Thanks to her history as an "Old One" like her sisters, it's a playful mantle of superiority.
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