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One-Punch Man

Post by Best Girl on Fri Nov 20, 2015 6:19 pm

IGN: Hope
Character Name: Bashiro "Dark King" Hakaisha
Age: 24
Main Clan: Narukami
Secondary Decks: Tachikaze, Nubatama
Avatar Card: Brawler, Big Bang Knuckle Dragon
Alignment: Hero

Personality: A rather laidback individual who appears to not take life seriously in any accord. The truth is he actually does, but no one actually believes him given how lazy he acts. Bashiro is the type of man who'd prefer sitting down with the guys and having a couple rounds of drinks on... someone else, maybe even a stranger. Responsibility isn't typically his strong suit, but he can try. The keyword being "can", the absent phrase being "but he doesn't". Even so, he's usually preaching about how men should go about their lives. He speaks of a twin brother he had, and the revelations they learned. "A man's worth is measured by his strength, ferocity, and sometimes his level of stealth". It's actually very stupid and has no meaning to anyone else, yet, the man's words inspired spineless cowers to follow him into Hell. He appreciates loyalty, and expresses undying loyalty right back.

He prefers matters settled with arm wrestling or a fist to someone's face. Preferably not his own.

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