Seyer Tetsu, The Gilded Lion (WiP)

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Seyer Tetsu, The Gilded Lion (WiP)

Post by Cipher on Tue Nov 03, 2015 9:56 pm

IGN: Cipher Izanagi
Character Name: Seyer Tetsu
Age: 19
Clan: Gold Paladin
Avatar Card: Salvation Lion, Grand Ezel Scissors
G Units: Purgation Lion Emperor, Mithril Ezel

Personality: The Gilded Lion is withdrawn and dismissive, unimpressed by even the grandest show. Because of his experiences as well, Seyer refuses to collaborate, and addresses everyone with a cold demeanor. Can be somewhat arrogant, and looks down on everyone else's abilities.

Description of Destroyed Timeline and why it Failed: Toward the start of the Link Joker invasion, Seyer, looking to try and end it all as quickly as he could sought out the reasons behind the invasion as early as he could. However upon meeting the source, he was defeated without much fight. To make him suffer more, instead of reversing him, the source sealed away the clans he had at the time permanently. Wrought with distraught, the male was a prime target for the Joker to possess and bind forever. However, Seyer's best friend came to his rescue, only to be swatted aside like a fly, and then impaled on the Joker's blade. As the Joker left, laughing and taunting, the dying friend with his last breath entrusted Seyer with the last bit of hope he had left, Gold Paladin and Ezel. With this however, even as the power of the Lion flowed through him and he relentlessly beat back the invaders, one by one his friends around him fell. All of them destroyed by the same power that took the life of his best friend. This broke Seyer's mind, causing him to become nothing more than a merciless death machine, hunting down all of the invaders, and destroying them in return for taking everything away from him. In the final battle with the source and all of his Generals, the Gilded Lion rendered the locks they attempted null and void before ripping the life from their bodies... Slowly. This torture corrupted Seyer's sense of morality, and even as he became the "hero" of the world, nothing changed. As things stood, everyone that he knew remained reversed but for what reason? He defeated the source, shouldn't that of stopped it?

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