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   Don't you think that it's boring how people talk?

IGN: Shiri
Name: Aria Estrella
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Nation: United Sanctuary
Main Clan: Angel Feather
Secondary Clan: Neo Nectar / Oracle Think Tank
Alignment: Hero
Generation: New Generation


Aria was never popular. Truth be told, liking her could be difficult at times. It wasn't even because of anything she did intentionally. It was the way she carried herself with an aloof smirk etched onto her face, like she knew the exact moment the world would end. It was her reserved sense of almost superiority, and the intimidating glares she could fire off at a moments notice. Liking her was very hard. She kept to herself almost religiously and devoted herself to whatever had caught her eye at the time with very little care or concern to other people. She wasn't inconsiderate, and never rude for the sake of it. She just never really made much effort to make many friends. The few friends that found her almost endearing were met with kindness and respect - after all, she was never heartless.

What was easy to like about her was her determination and her confidence. The raven-haired woman with blazing eyes of the coolest shade of blue placed every foot with deliberate intent. She walked like a champion of a thousand battles, and knew exactly what she wanted. She ached for it with every part of her body, and it was almost embarrassingly obvious that she would stop at nothing to get it. She was almost cold and calculating like a predator stalking prey, and wasn't at all the type to care for the aimless gossip passed around on the streets. Success is her goal - though what exactly her goals seem to be are anyone's guess. All she asks of those around her is that they stay out of her way.

We all have a hunger for something.

Some want the warm embrace of friends in a warm summer's wind. Others lust after love like dogs chasing their tails. Aria was one of those who seeked the life she saw on the pictures around her. She wanted gold and glory, and to live a lavish life of comfort. She was one of many - but unlike many, she had the drive and nerve to follow her dream.

She felt bad about it sometimes. She saw the way beggars cowered and huddled around street corners, praying for enough money to survive another day. She saw her own life; water, food, family. Of course it was hard sometimes - and she never had all the fancy things her schoolmates seemed enamoured with. Why wasn't she happy with her life? She buried it in the deepest parts of herself. She should be happy with what she has; content in mediocrity. But the older she grew the deeper her hunger became.

Her mother told her she could be anything. It always ended up this way when they sat on her bedroom floor. The deft fingers of her mother would play with her hair and tie it into an elegant ponytail, and she would giggle and ask about whatever story her mother had to tell. Working two jobs every day certainly meant she never lacked them. And then her mother would kiss her forehead and promise Aria that she could be anything she wanted to be. Her mother said she could be anything she wanted to be.

Winter's cold bit into her skin like a thousand knives. Her legs were the worst offender as she leaned against the side of her open window, legs dangling precariously outside. It was another two AM episode of pointless desire for a grandiose life. Her young and wild heart - only sixteen years - had never wanted anything so bad. It was a night she could remember very dearly. She saw the glimmering orange lights of a far off city, illuminating the darkness of midnight. Even then she was never sentimental, yet the soft glow of those places allured her like a moth to a flame. She promised herself that night she would see those lights for herself; that she would grasp them in her outstretched hand.

Themes 'n Shit:
Will be added pretty much as I go, but please note this isn't an extensive list of everything I have claimed!

Normal Battle Theme

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