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The Frozen Heir: Seth Hyoshiro Empty The Frozen Heir: Seth Hyoshiro

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"I, I used to fear
Am I falling back or moving forward
But now when I come to a crossroad
I hear this voice in my head
Scream these words once again

I can't look back, not anymore
I've given up too much to throw this away now
I can't look back, not anymore
Cause I know now
I'm heading to my final destination."

"I'll keep moving forward to my evolution."

The Frozen Heir: Seth Hyoshiro 2bxOKhP

"I don't care about what's the right argument or whatever right now. What I want is to defeat you. I'm not matured enough like an adult to hold down my instincts and play vanguard with logic."

IGN: Zane Kisaragi
Full Name: Seth Hyoshiro-Joyner
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Race: Tear Dragon Humanoid Hybrid
Nation: Magallanica
Main Clan: Aqua Force
Alignment: Hero
Generation: New Generation

Avatar Card(s)
The Alpha - True Blue Frost Dragon, Mystozan

Linked Dragons
The Storm - Blue Storm Dragon Maelstrom - via Jellal Kisaragi

Musical Themes:
The poison called "Hope" (Character Theme)
Roar for the Glacial Showdown (Main Fight Theme)
Hail of the Austere Hero (Mystozan's Theme)
Warrior from an Unknown Land (Stride Generation)
Frozen Jaws of Absolute Death (Overload State/Mystozan Absolute)
Roots to the White King (Mystozan Avalanche)

Shared Themes
A Heroes Rebirth (vs Jellal Kisaragi)

Originally, Seth was a teenager with blue eyes and short white hair. He wears a high-collared double-breasted black coat with a tattered end and fur around his collar, blue pants and black shoes. After his mutation, Seth's form takes a more dragonic appearance; his ears become pointy like an elf's, his teeth and nails turn into fangs and claws. His hair becomes bright white like snow with a small streak of ice-blue and his eyes become more vibrant. He currently sports a blue long sleeved jacket with metal straps on the waist that he wears similar to a cape on his back, with an indigo dress shirt covered by a navy blue vest and a cobalt handkerchief tucked in the front. Seth also wears a variety of piercings along his ears, most noticeably, his long cross earrings that dangle from both ears. He carries various weapons with him on his journey, most noticeably, his daggers that he keeps lined up and stashed within his coat and on his belts.

Seth is a very frail and sheltered boy who grew up in the confines of his own luxurious life. However, after his family going bankrupt and the bleak tones of reality set it, wasn't able to adapt thus being placed under immense stress followed by harsh judgment and expectations set by his parents followed by physical, mental, and psychological abuse: Seth felt his life and his very being was worthless. Because of this, Seth inadvertently developed many talents as a means of survival to help support his parents: such as theft, evasion through great sense of direction, being able to judge a persons character, being a hard worker, resource management, and many more. However, as talented as Seth was, he still felt little to no self worth at all which was further supported by his parents treatment towards him.

Surprisingly, Seth clings onto the belief of "hope" and views life half full. He believes there is good in everyone and that each person is useful in some way, which kept him moving forward to a moment where he would be finally be useful to his parents. In addition, despite some of his talents being used for personal gain such as stealing, lying, and fighting (hurting in this regard), Seth displays a good sense of morals understanding that stealing is wrong and that any crime should be met with repercussion if caught. Even though his parents shower him with cruelty, he never retaliates with disrespect or shows any form of hatred towards them, in fact he feels bad for their fall from grace and even pities them.

After his mutation though, Seth's personality becomes less reserved and more outgoing. He overcomes his self-worthlessness with his radiant confidence, facing any hardship, surpassing any obstacle with his head held high into the sky. There is never a shred of doubt in himself compared to his former life of poverty. He strives for the future and doing the most that he can so that he can fulfill the promise he made to himself after Jellal Kisaragi takes him in. In addition, Seth displays very hyper eagerness towards challenges and rivalry as a test to prove himself, even if they come equipped with some handicaps on his end. However, this trait can come off as pretentious and cocky which can lead Seth to become uninterested and even losing focus on the objective, unless it involves a cardfight. Even his master, agrees that this is a major downfall for young Seth, and that he must quickly grow out of. Speaking of, his only known relationship during both before and after mutation is with Jellal, in which he greatly looks up to but finds his casual demeanor, nonchalant attitude, and his introverted behavior to conflict with the stories he's heard about him due to the immense admiration his master's acts and deeds towards Vanguard and wants to help him while also creating his own legacy. Inspired by his master, Seth is very obedient: completing each task, assisting Jellal whenever possible, obliging by training regimens and dedicating himself to Vanguard. He does give rebuttal but they are tolerant to each other in a harmonious co-existence.

It should be noted that his personality and physical traits become more dragon-like due to his inability to control the dragon's blood inside of him and the effects of this mutation rapidly increasing before he loses his sense of self and becomes a full dragon. This includes him becoming more belligerent, short-tempered, aggressive, hostile, rebellious, arrogant, and even destructive. Though, this mutation does help him both physically and mentally, and even Jellal believes that once Seth overcomes and tames the dragons blood, he'll become a fighter of great potential.

Powers and Abilities
It is not fully explained yet what abilities or powers are obtained from this mutation, however, it is to be assumed that Seth does have enhancements beyond any normal human being due to being part dragon. He has more stamina, an increased strength, durability, agility, and heightened senses such as touch, hearing, vision, and smell. It was discovered by Jellal or rather implied by him, that both Seth and Mystozan have a shared link to each other, intertwining their fates. Seth also demonstrates the ability to Link with other Tear Dragons and forming a connection with them (granted he must be allowed to connect with said dragons by their acknowledgement through a very specific method) to allow Mystozan to access their abilities which are present within him, through a process called “Assimilation”. This is caused by activating the dragon’s blood within both users to access the abilities of the dragons. However, doing so accelerates the dragon’s blood within them, rapidly causing temporary physical and mental mutations such as growing horns, scales, and other dragon-like features, as side effects while Assimilation is being used. In addition, the more power they draw from that dragon, the more they take on their persona or psyche, so they both have to pick which dragon and how much power they need from it. When deactivated, these mutations are quickly reversed thus preserving their current forms in both mind and body. Through research and recording, if Seth or Mystozan perform Stride, it does trigger the Assimilation process but on a different level; though how it affects them and how it differs from regular Assimilation is unknown. Jellal has instructed Seth never to access Assimilation more than what he needs, until he can control it. Excessive usage of Assimilation can trigger a state called “Overload”, where residual active dragon’s blood lingers within the body and can prolong said physical and mental side effects (and the longer the user is in this state, the more they risk permanent mutation to both their body and their mind, effectively damaging the user) until the blood is calmed down since his body has yet to fully adapt to being able to withstand the dragon’s blood. Overload can also be triggered by any combination of heavy fatigue, intense stress/emotion, and even severe injuries in addition to the usage of Assimilation. Lastly, users who are linked with multiple dragons are advised never to assimilate with more than one dragon at the same time. The body and mind of the user cannot handle the stress of multiple dragons thus overlapping themselves with each dragon causing them to lose themselves as their body will be crushed by the weight of the dragon’s blood surging through them forcing the body into a comatose state until a consciousness resurfaces and takes control, while the body mutates into that of a dragon. The nature of this very phenomena differs from person to person; as some would describe this as a "blessing", many people including Seth himself, believe this is a curse due to the expense of the users life and the birth of a very powerful destructive being. While Jellal studies to discover its true origins, he officially coined this as a "mutation" and believes whether this phenomena is a blessing or a curse is entirely up to Seth.

Seth Joyner was born into a prestigious Joyner family. He had it all: fame, fortune, fashion, accessories, and more. One could say he even held the future in his hand. When he was 9 years old, reality began to settle with him: his fortune would soon run out, all of the money, the accessories, everything: was gone in a blink of an eye. His family, now poor, resorted to thievery and gambling just to survive, and of course, Seth had to participate in it as well. This was now his life, or would be for the next six years, to which he learned: it's a cold world on the outside. Constant arguments amongst his parents, over who was to blame for their fall from grace, and lamenting in regret, they began to take their frustrations out on Seth. "Why are you worthless!?!??" from Mom "You're just a leech, a parasite, a fucking parasite!" from Dad. He was forced to endure it out and continue helping them survive off of each other. Again he learned: it's a cold world both on the outside and on the inside.

Seth would occasionally spend time at the arcade to get away from his parents. He would see kids and adults playing cards around a construction site. He wanted to partake but with no cards of his own, he could only sit back and learn the games that they played. At 15, Seth desperately struggled with this anxiety of leaving his parents behind and trying to find a future for himself. Every attempt was thwarted by the tyrants and was sold away for their own benefit. At one final robbery, they broke into a game store, and swiped money, electronics, and valuables. The alarms tripped and the lights came on. To Seth, it was all over. His parents began to panic desperately and resorted to fighting within themselves again as the sirens blared louder. Then suddenly they both looked down at their son. Their faces were painted with every immoral thought in the world, followed by a wicked and vicious grin. His mother broke open the glass counter and stuffed his jacket full of cards and his other pockets full of money and off he went. Seth was thrown outside the shop, by his father, where he was met with high beams. This would be the last time he ever saw or heard from his parents or anything akin to a family. The police threw him in the back of a cruiser and he stayed for what he thought would be forever. He was released after 48 hours from the police station after he realized his parents had soon forgotten about their only son. Seth stepped out hungry, penniless, betrayed, lost, lonely, face plastered all over the news and papers. He walked the streets past the scene of the crime, reliving the experience. He thought maybe he could find his parents, but why? They ditched him. They didn't care about him. They sold out their one and only son to the police to ensure their survival. To them, he was worthless, except for that one moment. Tears rolled down his face, feeling joy that he was finally useful for something. At this point, he was broken. Even so, he had to keep moving forward. Free from his parents grasp, Seth finally gained a right to decide his own future, except for being in this town.

He snuck on a boarding train and hid from the conductors, hoping to get to the next town undetected. Seth still retained his skills of pick-pocketing people without their detection. He continued to pick from anyone that walked by him. Walking up was a very luxurious man in his 20s eating a bag of chips, who would become the next target of Seth's pocket picking. He just needed a wallet or a wad of cash, credit cards, something, anything! Seth sank his fingers into the mans coat and for a split second, and picked a small rectangular box. As he was about to turn away with the object, he bumped into another man, falling to the floor. The item fell too and scattered about cards on the floor. "These cards... they look like..." Suddenly he was approached by the man who bumped into him, and had accused him of pick-pocketing. He was patted down by security to reveal numerous wallets, cards, coins, and other valuables in his pockets. It was over, again. He really was good for nothing.

"Hey uhhh... those cards... on the ground. Those are mine." Seth looked up to see a man with long blonde and black hair down to his back, towering him like some divine presence. He realized, this man was the last one he tried to rob from, just before he flopped. "This boy was just returning them along with the rest of the items that were found on him. He's not a"

What? Why is he... covering for...Seth? He doesn't even know Seth. So why? He just got his cards knocked down if not stolen by Seth, he should be turning him in, not saving him. What gives!? The authorities proceeded to tell the man who Seth was and what he was convicted of recently but was stopped by the man's lack of interest.

"Besides he's with me anyways, I came to meet him." Seriously?! Again with the lying?! If he's caught, he could be busted too! What the fuck is really going on? The securities believed the man's charismatic smile and let Seth go. Seth dusted himself off and looked at the man with anger. "Guess you're indebted to me~" he said while continuing to eat his chips and walking out of the station. "Better pick up the pace or else you'll be left behind, kid." Seth ran after his savior, if he can really be called that. "Save your questions til we're out of public, kid." This guy... was really starting to piss Seth off even more but he was sort of relieved that he was saved, that someone out there was kind enough to save a worthless being like him.
We'll start from Zero:
Will add more to this later.

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The Frozen Heir: Seth Hyoshiro Empty Custom Card Lore: Blue Frost Curse

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Lore of the Tribe

In an alternate future, the Aqua Force factions led by their powerful dragon leaders: Wave, Storm, Flight, were all seized and frozen into stone pillars as punishment for defying the Void. Their statues were taken above sea-level as trophies and faced heavy corrosion as time passed, from generation to generation, none able to take up the mantle to lead leaving the major factions of the navy to disband. The roars and energy surged from within the dragon statues and it was upon this discovery that the remains of the now scattered navy planned to take back their dragon lords. When they challenged the keepers of the dragon lords, they held their own and had an advantage with their new multi-attack patterns. However, the battle went south as many of the marines’ lives were lost.

The statues were pained from watching and their energies began to pulsate. A cornered soldier dropped his blade and kneeled at his powerlessness until the statues of the dragons burst into hailstorm. The warrior was surrounded by a snowy veil fueled by the roars of the fallen dragons as the wind and snow froze onto him. He stood back up with his blade now shimmer in crystal ice, along with new armor cut down the enemy before him. “Mystozan”, he said as the warrior lunged at the enemy troops and unleashed the powers of “Wave”, “Flight” and “Storm” all at once annihilating their oppressors, thus earning him the name “Alpha”.  After the battle, many of the warriors who fought this battle began horrible mutations from the energy overload and began losing control, to which pained Mystozan and forced him to raise his sword against those who charged at him or hadn’t succumbed to their fates.

With a few survivors, helping Mystozan contain the situation, they walked the realms of Magallanica with the voices of the dragon lords echoing in their minds and hearts. The will of the dragon lords gave the newly resurrected tribe knowledge of their powers both past and future inheritance but warned them all, that even the “Alpha” would not be able to hold all of their power all together for much longer without facing corruption and must seek out an “absolute” power.

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