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Haruto Hayato

Post by BluishOver on Tue Dec 01, 2015 4:59 pm

IGN: T-SP OverDrive
Character Name: Haruto Hayato
Age: 17
Main Clan: Gold Paladin
Secondary Decks: (To be decided.)
Avatar Card: Oath Liberator, Aglovale
Alignment: Hero

Personality: Haruto used to be a cheerful and goofy kid, always saying clever remarks and trying to make people laugh or smile, but after a certain incident he began to become a lot colder or less social. He often jokes around or smiles with others that he knows intimately but that is not always the case. Whenever Haruto is not his happy and goofy self he is instead cold and can seem somewhat hollow, he chooses to not talk as much if he does not feel like it or just conversates with the person in front of him in a cold manner, without disrespect but rather with a more hardened expression and way of speaking. He is very fond of the sun but there is a good reason behind it, regardless of the way it soothes him to stand under it's light. Due to his selfless self Haruto can often jump into dangerous situations for the sake of others, but that depends on the connection he has with this person.

Biography: It has been 3 months since the Link Joker invasion that Haruto's brother Tsubasa, along with his friends, ended in victory. For Haruto, he had recieved a voice mail from a friend of Tsubasa, this person in a way gave Haruto a new or rather a purpose in life. After his visit to her home she agreed to train him secretly as he was not willing to stay weak and in need of protection, he wanted to be able to protect others and himself should the situation call for it. His training is still incomplete but he has been a surprisingly adaptable fighter, he would understand the concepts and styles of fighting, cards or other, that his teacher would give him until now. This obviously made his teacher one of his closest friends aside from teacher, even though he chooses to conversate and treat her with respect only.

Over the course of these months Haruto would have several nightmares in his sleep, he would wake up all of a sudden, sweating and giving a stare of fear as he would see his closet emanating a dark blue aura that he had never seen before, just the thought of it would send chills down his spine even though he opened it before several times and found nothing more than a coat and mask, along with other clothes.

One thing would make him calm down in an instant though, and that would be his bluish flame deck, just the mere touch of it sends a smile on his face for no reason. He would always feel happy using them even if he has to fight with a cold look in his eyes, inside he would feel all the warmth he needs even though he never could explain why he felt like this or why he cared so much for these cards...

At first Haruto did not understand the concept of settling matter through a cardfight, until he learned about the wars on cray and the units that had their battles on their behalf or for them. He knows a fair amount of physical combat from his teacher but obviously he is not perfect yet. Aside from all that he does find a sincere enjoyment when he cardfights, sometimes his smile would be brought back on his face as he fights, it would be a surprise to his opponents but also something he could not explain.

For now Haruto simply lives out his life to better himself, he technically has no one at the moment but his story only begins now...

"I wish I could look up at the sun...and see him again."

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