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Rosalia Mooncrest

Post by Rosalia Izanami on Fri Nov 27, 2015 4:58 pm

IGN: RosaliaIzanami
Character Name: Rosalia Mooncrest
Age: 18yrs
Height: 5’ 5” (165.1 cm)
Weight: 112lbs (50.8 kg)
Main Clan: Angel Feather
Avatar Card: Overdose Celestial, Asmodel
Alignment: Hero

Typically whatever the picture above is. She loves dresses, shoes, though compared to her previous time, her hair is now a lot shorter. It's also pink, which is a tad closer to the original red she used to sport. She does, however, have the same red eyes as originally. Maybe they're a tad brighter now, but its pretty close.
So... After being Deleted, one would think she would be a lot more secluded and calm. Quite the opposite. She's a girl on a mission to get her life back, and to fit right back in with her friends and family. Anyone who stands in her way is about to get dropkicked... yes, even while she's wearing a dress.
Well, there isn't much to say. During Sovereign's attack, Rosalia had the unfortunate fate of being Deleted along with her former Magus deck. However, Chronojet managed to restore her data in the Akashic Record, telling her to live once more. That's about it. To her, not much time has passed. She doesn't know of anything that happened while she was gone, again. But let's hope this time she actually stays around for a while. When she first awakes again, Rosalia finds herself in Rijuku Park, and at her hip was no longer the Magus Deck, or even her former Silver Thorn Deck. Instead, Angel Feather was the clan that now came to her aid. One thing she did keep, however, was the original moon necklace that was a gift from Seifer before the Reverse Invasion.

Quite Honestly I Forget What Season This Is But It's In The Past:

(Ignore the fact that she is wearing a wedding dress... this pic is beautiful...)

IGN: Rosalia Izanami
Character Name: Rosalia Mooncrest
Age: 18yrs
Height: 5’ 5” (165.1 cm)
Weight: 117lbs (53.1 kg)
Main Clan: Oracle Think Tank
Secondary Decks: None Right Now
Avatar Card: Spring Petal Magus (Custom)
Alignment: Hero

Appearance Details:
Take a look above for her picture. Otherwise, her day-to-day outfits typically consist of casual to formal style dresses of most any color. The dresses will usually be about knee-length with a flowy skirt. The top part is cut modestly across the neckline, and her shoes can vary from standard flats to two-inch wedges. She refuses to wear actual heels, such as stiletto, because they’re a pain to walk in. Her reasoning for dressing up as such: “Wear what makes you feel confident.” Her most noticeable features previously were her gorgeous, pale red curls that would reach the back of her calves. But, because of the whole time-space thing, her hair changed to a natural brown color that just about reaches the back of her thighs. Her eyes, however, remain a very beautiful hazel.

Rosalia was originally a quiet, very shy girl. She became more social as she started to gain a few more friends, and especially when she had officially fallen in love with Seifer. She would give anything to see her friends happy, even if she didn't consider herself to be a strong fighter. She just wanted to enjoy what she had, but sadly, all of that had to change.

Given that she simply “vanished” for who knows how much time, she changed a bit. When she had first “woken up”, her mentality was shattering, knowing that something happened. Time had passed that she missed, and she could never get it back. But she managed to pull herself together; she was alive at least. Her friends and loved ones had to be too, the solemn female clinging to any bit of hope she could muster up. Maybe once she can find her place again, she’ll return to that typical, kind-hearted girl she was before...

Biography - Beware It's Kinda Long:
Rosalia Mooncrest is the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mooncrest, a rather average pair given the social ladder. She was born in a Celtic-Irish area in none other than Ireland, but her parents moved early on to Japan for a job offer. It wasn't too bad, and only having one child meant that her parents could support her that much more, and were very caring and cautious of the outside world, especially after they moved. They gave her a rather strict schedule from the very start, but not so much that it caused her stress: go to school, get good grades, come home for private lessons, help with making dinner, etc. Private lessons included mostly tutoring so as to get better grades, and musical lessons like mastering the piano and violin. Yes, she is the typical girl, in the typical family, in a typical life. At least until one day, while out on the weekly shopping trip, when Rosalia spotted a rather strange male at the coffee shop she and her mother would take a break at.

This male was... different, that much she knew, but he wasn't scary. More like, he was lonely. Brown hair with a streak of red that looked more dyed than natural, a t-shirt with an open jacket, slacks, and boots. Oh, and a lion necklace, which was what probably first caught Rosalia's eye. With her mother's permission, the female wandered over to the male who couldn't be much more than three years older, if that, and asked for his name. Just like that, Rosalia was actually excited to meet someone new, and hopefully make a friend. But what she learned about him was something she never expected. This... Seifer Leo... he was running away from home. Rosalia could never run away from her own home; the thought seemed impossible in her mind. Her family was so nice... and Seifer wasn't that lucky...

So for another first in her life, Rosalia brought home a stranger, with her parents' permission. Of course they were worried, but much like Rosalia, they felt sorry for the male, and offered him a place to stay for the time being. And during this time, Rosalia learned more about the male, and more as to why he left. It was over this game she never heard of: Cardfight Vanguard. The very next day, the young pair went out to the closest shop, and got themselves some new cards. Rosalia picked out Pale Moon as a clan to start with, though it was a bit harder for new beginners, the idea of a circus excited her.

That was how it began, and how it will stay. Over a bit of time, Rosalia started to get the basics of Vanguard, and as her parents trusted Seifer more and more, they agreed that when Rosalia was to transfer Rijuku High, that she could stay with the male as he would have his own place. It would be better than trying to room with strangers on campus...

From here, the story grows in a rather strange manner. She made friends with most of Seifer’s friends from the past, and was happy with just that. But then Link Joker invaded, and temporarily, she was Reversed. Quickly, however, she was freed from the Invaders’ clutches by none other than Seifer, though as to why she still had the reversed form of her avatar, Silver Thorn Dragon Queen Luquier “Reverse”, was a mystery. At first, she rejected her deck, but when she needed it most, her units came through for her and her avatar evolved a second time, becoming the Empress known as Venus Luquier. The saddest part here is that she didn’t have Venus for very long, before having it ripped up in front of her by a Reversed Noel. Since then, Rosalia was lost in a sea of depression, desperate to put on a smile for her companions while the world continued to decay from the Invaders’ influence.

The last thing she remembers was going to the island in Hawaii with Yukino, Seifer, and others to take down Satoshi, one of the Link Joker Generals. But then... nothing... Everything was lost in a sea of white. The only thing she remembered once she finally regained consciousness was seeing a figure in beautiful colors, and silhouettes of random shapes floating around... She wandered about, taking in her surroundings with a confused expression. She was... in the house that she and Seifer shared, but no one was here... Her stuff was still here, yet everything looked like it hadn’t been used in months, perhaps longer. What worried her most was the fact that Seifer’s stuff wasn’t here, or at least very little remained. It was just her own stuff, covered in a thin layer of dust. She knew something was wrong... How much had she missed on out while she was just “gone”? That thought alone quickly drove the female into a panic, her mentality nearly breaking after just returning to her home. It took her nearly an hour to recover, but even now, she only has one goal in mind: find Seifer, and Yukino. Whatever had happened, she knew that they would help her...

In reality, she truly did disappear from this timeline for who knows how long. Perhaps she was lost in another time, or between timelines? We may never know. All we know for sure is that Rosalia had disappeared, but now she was back... and with a new deck in hand. It looks like she lost her connection to Pale Moon along with the time she missed out on.
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