The Living Embodiment of Rummy Labirynth

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The Living Embodiment of Rummy Labirynth

Post by Guest on Fri Nov 27, 2015 2:39 pm

IGN: Darkey
Character Name: Kotonoha Sen
Age: 25
Main Clan: Pale Moon
Secondary Clan: Granblue
Avatar Card: Cracking Beast Tamer & Gust Jinn
Alignment: Hero

Sen is an optimist and a very happy person, not one to easily fall into despair and the one who, if need be will help others overcome it, be it with a plethora of magic tricks, or sweets and warm words. Sen's a playful individual and at times even childish, he's fully aware of that fact and often uses it as a way to lighten the mood. He loves all kinds of people save for the ones who without hesitation are willing to take happiness away from others without a solid reason behind it. On top of that, he finds Vanguard to be a fun game that connects many people that play it and harbor similar feelings towards it. In his eyes, other people are far more important than himself which will end up with Sen often sacrificing his well being for the sake of others.

Born in a normal family, Sen lived his childhood with full support from his parents, neightborhoods and friends. From a very young age he was taught that a man's job is to bring happiness to those that need it the most and he followed those words religously, remembing them perfectly to this very day. He was rather popular in school but didn't allow it to get to him and avert his gaze from the poor ones. He didn't consider himself a hero, despite what others saw him as. Together, they all discovered the game "Cardfight Vanguard" and indulged themselves into it. To keep things interesting each one of them would pick a different clan and Sen's ended up being "Granblue", a rather unpopular clan due to how lacking in performance it was when compared to others and their creepy theme & artworks. He sticked to it like promised and built a rather solid deck in his eyes even if it didn't win much. As time went on, he graduated and moved outside of Japan against his will but he remained strong which is mostly due to the colossal amount of gifts his friends left him and the Granblue deck which he treasured greatily and had mamy memories assocatied with it. While he was away, "Reverse" spread throughout Japan and very quickly conquered lands beyond it. Together with his family and new friend they hid until it was over. It was during this time that Sen discovered a rather interesting talent of his, when he was playing around with the Granblue deck he kept, doing various card tricks, one of the cards exploded into a bunch of smoke right into his face and sent him into a panic. When the smoke disipated what was left was a Zombie which sent him into even further panic. After calming down he realized the zombie was the very same as the one depicted on the Granblue card he was holding ealier and it was completely motionless. He tried talking to it, no response, he tried poking it, no response. It only responded to commands, not with words but with actions. After some time the zombie disappeared without giving Sen any hints as to what went down and it's been on his mind every since. The "Reverse" was defeated and everyone could come out of their hiding full of joy. While trying to recover Sen decided to go back to Japan to see how his friends were holding up and if something happened to them, during his way to his old home he couldn't stop thinking about the incident with the zombie and ended up trying to do it again, succeeding to do so. By the time he arrived in Japan he more or less mastered that "talent" of his, but summoning zombies and other undead creatures was no good, it'd scare everyone away and bring more harm than good, that was when Sen remembered yet another clan which caught his fancy back in the day - "Pale Moon", a clan filled with performers and entertainers of many kinds and picked that up instead to try and help Japan recover from the time of despair they just went through by starting his own "squad" of entertainers which was actually nothing more than him and a bunch of units summoned from cards which others simply passed off as cosplayers, but in the end it worked out and "Pale Moon" became Sen's go to clan, though he still kept his old and symbolic "Granblue" deck by his side at all time. Though to this day, Sen does not know why or how he's able to manifest units like that, but he doesn't pay much mind to it, all that matters is that it's a power gifted unto him that could be used to bring smiles onto others.


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