Mirai Hashira / Noel Kusanagi (?)

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Mirai Hashira / Noel Kusanagi (?)

Post by NoelKusanagi on Wed Nov 25, 2015 5:21 pm

IGN: Cece Lockhart
Character Name: Mirai Hashira / Noel Kusanagi (?)
Main Clan: Seekers (Royal Paladin)
Avatar Card: Seeker, Light Saver Dragon / Noble Heart Seeker, Princess Ashleigh (custom card coming soon!)
Alignment: Good Evil
Age: 22
Eye color: Blue/Small glint of Red when fighting seriously
Hair Color: Blond
Theme:Nebulous Clock | Reincarnation | Ao no Shukumei (Seed form theme)


Silent and very cold hearted. Death and despair isn't nothing new for her and isn't afraid of anything. She would even welcome her own death if it was about to happen. Despite being quiet, she is secretly sadistic and enjoys watching the pain from her enemies. Doesn't care sacrificing friends if it means the survival of humanity, she lost enough friends to not care about the value of any other life.

Somewhat absent-minded. Typically seems like if something is on her mind. Always has a feeling that something is missing in her. Likes having fun. Never takes any fights seriously. Care-free and sometimes a bit of a klutz. Even like that, Mirai cares for those around her deeply and would help them up if something is wrong. Her care-free attitude lifts up the tension and helps people relax a bit more. When she does take a fight seriously, her moves are as sharp of a world-level fighter and for some reason, her eyes would have a small glow of red.


A revived Noel Kusanagi from the future. Brought back by the God of Death Harbinger. Her mind laid dormant in the corners of the mind of her reincarnated self, Mirai Hashira. She was once the user of the Diablo armaments but even without that power, her control over the darkness far outmatches any others who make an attempt to wield it. It actually matches those who are currently terrorizing the world of this timeline. Now that she is back in this world once more, this incarnation of Noel is on Harbinger's side. The world must now move in fear, the Grim Reaper has returned to the battlefield.

Her true identity: Noel Kusanagi. A Noel of a distant and alternate future whose time was lost due to a resurgence and even more powerful Link Joker invasion. A user of the Diablo armaments and held the power to call forth the Dragon of Hell. Three months ago, she vanished from this world after having her Seed removed and thus being defeated prior to that. However, in her final moments, she made a sincere wish for a second chance in life in order to undo her past mistakes and to ensure the safety of her friends. Now she has been reincarnated as Mirai Hashira whose name means "The Future" and "Pillar or Support" but no longer has any recollection of her previous life and time in this world in absolute. Mirai is a whole new person but with a previous life that is currently unknown to her. That still doesn't shake off the feeling that something is missing inside her. Like if a piece of her was taken from her which contribute to her absent-minded personality. This doesn't stop her from enjoying life though. As she "seeks" what feels like is missing, she enjoys having cardfights with random people and improving her Seeker Royal Paladin deck. Even though she has no idea who she was in her previous life, certain details or characteristics allow people to somewhat recognize who she really was.

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