Sera Nakahara

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Sera Nakahara

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His Theme(s):
Sincerity Nature; Drastic Measures of Ignornace

F*ck You


Character Name:
Sera "Seraphim" Nakahara

5, but appears to be 17.

Main Clan:
Link Joker

Avatar Card:
Star-Vader, Dark Zodiac

Secondary Clan:
Nubatama & Pale Moon


What is Sera like? Good question.:
Sera is a child. No, not literally. But very close. He takes next to nothing seriously and is easily amused or put into a state of awe by the simplest things. He is very ill-mannered and often causes unnecessary trouble for the sake of starting it, but he however is very protective of his comrades and friends, namely Seifer and Haruka. He is obsessed with sweets of all kinds, specifically strawberry-frosted donuts and peanut-butter chocolate bars. He shares a passion for coffee, but only made by his good friend Haruka.

The Story of the Seed:
Sera was birthed as a seed to start and end the Link Joker Invasion of his dimension, to become the ultimate god boss "Omega" Glendios. That happened. And was slain, after many attempts, by Tsubasa Hayato whom transformed into a paladin of the bluish flames. After his mighty sacrifice, both him and Sera or Glendios or whatever you want to call him were dispelled.

But it didn't end there. Sera's consciousness was birthed by a human, therefore with the remaining energy he had upon the body of the massive construct being destroyed, he forged himself a body with the humanity he gained from his host; Haruka Nakahara. Stitched with red threads from the fabric of the void, Sera was given a chance to live a much more humane life, something he envied Haruka for having access to in his life.

Now, with his chance at life, Sera took the opportunity to test the boundaries of everything in the human world; crime, friendship, intimacy, destruction, love, loyalty, and everything in between the blurred lines. He acts irrationally and without a pattern. He has to learn everything from scratch as he was never really a human to begin with.

Spare him some slack, at least he doesn't want to kill people anymore...

Unless you gave him the power to do so. Watch the world come to an end in a snap should he come into enough power to do so. Just for fun.

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