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IGN: Hope
Codename: "Harbinger"
Age: ?
Main Clan: Link Joker
Avatar Card: Docking Deletor, Greion
Alignment: Villain

Personality: Acts deranged and murderous, usually speaking of erasing and killing things and people. While seemingly unstable, she actually has a perfect grasp of her own sanity. Enough to mock those who oppose her and their actions, along with their idealism. Has no respect for the dead and no pity for the living, but greatly enjoys spending eons toying with all living beings below the "Reapers". Going as far to say that everyone else are apes who exist solely to entertain them. Aside from that, the woman seems to only listen to "Sovereign", her partner that she considers an "elder brother". A sort of running gag to make her "more human".

"Sovereign" has described her as the very essence of a Reaper. One feared by even her own kin who simply wants to kill. There is no logical reason or motivation. It's simply in her blood - her entire being is based off of it.

Biography: Is the ultimate Reaper and leader of Link Joker's entirety, the one behind everything, and is actually TOMO-ZO from Shop PSY.
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