Aoi Undyne

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Aoi Undyne

Post by Best Girl on Fri Nov 20, 2015 6:09 pm

IGN: Hope
Character Name: Aoi Undyne
True Name: Cyan Aoi
Age: 17
Main Clan: Aqua Force
Avatar Card: Rolling Ripple, Militiades
True Avatar: Blue Storm Dragon, Maelstrom
Alignment: Hero

Personality: A rather oddly peppy and hotblooded lass is this one. Aoi is naturally friendly, yet, will always leap over a mountain if it means solving someone's problems. Once she starts on that, she won't stop until everyone involved is happy unless one of the parties is just black hearted. This hardheaded mentality often results in her seniors and teachers berating and whacking her. With a good heart came reckless stupidity, unfortunately. Despite being treated like that, Aoi reveres her masters and friends. Specifically Aqua Force being a clan of righteousness that she feels leads her down a path in life worth living. As for the masters themselves, however, she can get a bit... fangirlish when speaking of them or hanging around them. To leave an impression on the girl is to be her life's idol.

Randomly, Aoi's memory will have lapses, causing her to be rather forgetful. There is something important she seems to be trying to remember, something involving a dream of sorts, and the people around her. That aside, the girl has a surprisingly broad sense of humor, usually getting even obscure jokes before anyone else. She's a genius when it comes to terrible and awful ones, however.

Biography: A woman of seemingly unknown origin. The only time her name came to be known was during her uprising as a chinese champion on blind luck, barely understanding how to wield her own deck properly. Her reason for coming to Japan was that "she was drawn to the Rising Sun's image".

Other than that, people speak of her as a gifted child. It is believed that she is potentially one of the strongest fighters that can exist, and perhaps the ultimate wielder of Aqua Force. The infinite potential in her is amazing, able to grasp any of the Magallanica navy with little to no issue. Which explains how she won a national tournament with a deck she hardly knew how to play. Despite this, her inexperience and lack of maturity prevent her from being the best there is. It can only be with time.

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