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Post by Xateramusa on Thu Nov 19, 2015 8:42 pm

Xat watched the fight happen and was rejoyced to see tsubasa win. She went over to him and frowned at shikis speech."your right that alone isnt enough to be called a hero, yet even so for every evil in the world there is a good to conter them." she said to shiki before looking at tsubasa. "congrats on beating him."

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Descent and Advent - Page 2 Empty Re: Descent and Advent

Post by BluishOver on Fri Nov 20, 2015 2:49 am

The fight was truly a splendor if not exciting, both fighters had been pushing each other to the limits, Glendios with his omega lock and stride, while Tsubasa depended on his bluish flames and his new Liberator units including Monarch Alfred and Zenith to keep himself going.

Shiki was not without his entertainer flash that was for sure, he would give you the illusion that he was playing around when the killing intent could still be felt from his expressions, at least that was what Tsubasa felt from the entire experience.

“I can’t force you to like me or anything like that, I simply was showing my gratitude…my life was not so simple certain luxuries were not given to me at first, but every person I met today opened me up to a new world….just as much as this game helped me develop.” he said, facing Shiki. “I don’t want a game and the people who saved me to get hurt because of this game…or because of such a clan, because this is not what Link Joker should encompass.”

Blaster Blade Liberator delivered the final blow, to dust glendios would return by the strike of the Liberators who were now supported by the liberation of the locks guided by Monarch Alfred. Nevertheless, the ‘entertainer’ struck again, making a performance to try and mess with everyone into believing some sort of easy conclusion…it was too obvious.

“Hahaha…-hears Shiki’s last speech-….”nothing to be sacrificed”…” hearing that phrase instantly turned Tsubasa’s expression from neutral to dark, his body was already going at 80% of his power at this point, so his movements if unchecked could go almost as fast as Neu’s crazy speed.

With a quick movement he leaned towards the direction that Shiki was walking in and in an instant he was now was standing in front of him, blocking his path. With a quick movement he punched Shiki in the gut pushing him back a couple of meters, he did not care whether it hurt or not but he wanted to make a point, not to mention since Shiki put a scythe through his heart and made him fall off a building this felt justified, “..nothing to be sacrificed…I knew that you did not like the idea of solving our problems with card games but I won’t allow you to stand here and mock the nature of people losing those they cared about and becoming tormented by this power, committing harmful acts that they would not normally do to innocent people and people that are close to them, you’re backed up by this power and see no issue or problem with the way things are so you would not understand.” he said, as brennius was in his deck freaking out about how Tsubasa was now at 90% of his power usage in order to contain the reverse and do the feats that he was displaying in front of them. “-pulse, grunt- ghhh…-places hand over heart area, gripping it tightly-…I acknowledge the idea of using skills and sacrificing to solve our problems….but this game turned from a method of enjoyment to a possible death wish, loss of oneself to mind control that is derived from the person’s deepest desires…everytime we stand on the opposite side of that table to protect our friends and the people we care about we know…that we might lose ourselves in an instant and lose everything…is that not a large enough sacrifice for you? Losing yourself completely, for the sake of fighting a war to protect those you care about…is that not enough?!”

The Resolution to fight.

At that moment Blaster Blade materialized behind Tsubasa, facing Shiki and everyone there as he tried to stop his Vanguard from pushing himself but Tsubasa’s body was glowing his aura a very strong blue, now using 93% of his power to contain the ever growing Reverse energy within him.

“..I know that this game has a strong element of luck…but it is not all luck, one cannot win with luck alone, without some level of skill and the preparation to sacrifice one’s very soul, one cannot win in this game especially in the state of war that we are in…but I would not expect someone who has not played this game long enough or has not had to risk so much to understand this.” taking Ahmes’s sword, Tsubasa channeled his aura into it, it became a sword enveloped by bluish flames as he walked towards Shiki with the sword in hand. One would think that he was planning to end him with it but what happened next was truly a sight to see…
“…I don’t hate you and I don’t care what you think of me anymore, I stand by what I do as long as I know in the end that those I care about will be safe…including you…especially since I know how tempting power could be…AHHHHHH!” he said, as he swung the sword but instead of striking Shiki he opened a portal that was leading straight to Cray where the Glendios scene was being played out in front of him.

“While you were making your entertaining performance, the Liberators were filling me in on the events that are happening in Cray...I won’t give Sera any more time to follow the wrong path…I’m sure Haruka would not want that…” he said, as he then threw the manga to Shiki, making it land directly in his hands, “Seriously try it, it’s not bad.” He and Ahmes lept through the portal, turned back and looked at the people who were now staring through his forged portal at the events happening on Cray. “…I’m sorry I can’t allow you guys to get hurt…” he said, as he extended his hand and closed the portal’s entry point leaving only a tear that showed what was happening on Cray but did not allow anyone through. Elsewhere Haruka’s portal in the park would also reveal the events that are happening on Cray as both sides raced to end the suffering on Cray but with different ideals.

“…Let’s go…my paladins!” he said, as he and Ahmes started running towards the United Sanctuary Castle in hopes of stopping Glendios by any means necessary.
Glendios at this point was on a rampage, destroying everything in his sites at the United Sanctuary, several castles were destroyed and several units were locked and rendered useless and unlike the rest the locks were unbreakable, Omega Locks.

Vanguard of Destruction.

Now that most of the units were locked, the only force facing Glendios were several Revengers under the leadership of the now battered Raging Form, some Liberator forces and finally Maelstrom along with several Aqua Force units. Unfortunately, the battle was not going well for the defenders of cray, the golem would simply thrash landmarks and units while locking any easy targets. Yunos made a last attack strike at the golem but was swatted away like a fly landing straight to the ground with Dragruler being knocked down like him. Now the Golem stood towering in front of the two and was preparing to annihilate the two by locking them most likely…

-BANG- was the sound that was heard by the units as a large ball of blue flames was shot straight at the golem causing it to turn around to see Tsubasa and Ahmes lunging at it with all their might, almost knocking it down in the process.

Let the battle commence.

“Alfred! Ezel! Tend to those who have been sealed, we will hold him off!” he shouted, as he, Brennius and Ahmes went to distract the golem from the units being helped by both units.

“Liberate The Lock!”
“Holy Dispel Scissors!”

“The Counterattack starts now!” he shouted, as the units were making their comeback.

Now with the forces gradually returning the counterattack would start, units from Cray along with Tsubasa striking the Golem with swords and blasts to put an end to the monster, unfortunately the Golem would retaliate with great ease considering his towering size and easy control of the lock. That was the reason why Tsubasa took some time before he arrived at the scene to help out, he and his units went across cray to gather some allies to aid them in their assault against Glendios, thankfully the journey did not take too long as these units were already on their way to assist the resistance on Cray, most likely drawn by their Vanguards to fight for Cray. With a swift strike Ashlei struck the Golem with her Jewel Blade from the side, followed by a dropkick from Dragonic Burnout, reinforced by Tempest Bolt ramming into the Golem with his blade and finally struck down from behind by Shirayuki. With this quad assault the Golem would send a wave of Reverse against the 4 units to keep them away before he can lock them…but two units stood in its way stopping it from harming the units, with an energy blast from Revonn and Nebula Lord the golem was stopped from making his attack. He then was hit from behind by The Great Daikaiser, as he joined the fray in an effort to stop the golem as well, and then pushed from the front by Ethics Buster Extreme and several Beasty Deity units.

“-pulse, grunt-…Ahhh…-grips chest-…not now…please no…-pulse, grunt-aaaAHHH!...-pant-…We have to end this now, full attack! Focus all of it on Glendios, bring the Golem down and protect both planets!” he said, as he and Brennius formed a sphere of bluish flames and shot it straight at the giant followed by several attacks from the units, a mirage strike, a dual blade slash from Ahmess and Yunos and all the other units.

“We have him!” he declared as the units cheered with him…sadly as the smoke cleared the golem appeared from the smoke and lunged at the units, locking all of them at once aside from the two blasters, Brennius and the two units capable of unlocking, Alfred and Ezel.

“-pulse, grunt-…Gahhh! we can’t let this continue!!” he said, as his aura began to flare up even more, releasing a strong blue color.

“My Vanguard stop! If you keep pushing like this….” said Ahmes.

“We don’t have a choice! Brennius I need more! You said the bluish flames were a power that I can unlock…you also said that there was more to it that I can tap into…Help me do so now!” he said, his eyes conveying sincerity and urgency to Brennius.

“Figure something out, Ahmes, Yunos, Ezel and I will hold him off in the meantime!” said Alfred, as he and Ezel faced the coming golem.

“….My Vanguard…you’re already fighting at 95%...if you push yourself any further…you would start using up your….life force…” replied Brennius.

“…..There is no choice…help me reach it…no matter what happens I won’t let the sacrifices of both worlds be in vain, we have to end this war!” he said, his eyes filled with determination.

“……Reaching such a power would be difficult… have to be….how should I say this….whole I suppose….in order for you to get close to tapping into such a thing…”

“What do you mean by whole?” he asked.

“It comes in many forms…..for some it is confidence…for others it is when you have nothing holding you back and so on….one becomes whole when they reach the zenith of their power….you and Diablo are not one yet…otherwise you would have been able to unleash more of that power..”

“….<…How can I unite with an alter ego….let alone…someone I feel is stronge-…>….now I see…” he said, as Glendios was able to push back the blasters and the two master units, forcing Brennius to charge at the golem.

“…I believe in you my Vanguard!”

At that moment Tsubasa saw in front of him a figure, wearing a black coat and hidden by a mask….it was Diablo….it made no sense but Tsubasa could see him, maybe it was him going insane because of the moment but he finally could see the barrier that separated both him and his other persona…the feeling that one was stronger than the other when they were in fact the same person.

Take flight Tsubasa Hayato.

“..I finally get it…I won’t fight as either of the two…I will fight as Tsubasa Hayato!” he shouted, as the two figures ran straight towards one another, crashing in a blinding blue light as Brennius was tossed aside by Glendios.

Emerging from the blue flash was a young man standing in the middle of a land filled with despair as all units but 4 were locked and stripped of their freedom, as Tsubasa stared at the Golem and began to raise his hand. In that instance Alfred and Ezel restood and attempted to release the lock once again, now they were Glendios’s targets but the Golem was halted by a surging pillar of blue light emanating from Tsubasa as he stood against the Golem…now his usage of power was at 100%.

“Let your bluish flames flicker in the moonlight, take the banner of the new leader as you descend with the flames of the righteous! Now more than ever burn brightly and ascend to meet the hopes of the Sanctuary! Appear Now! My True Avatar!” he shouted, extending his hand towards the sky as bluish flames descended from above and from Tsubasa’s location and crashed together creating an explosion of energy and revealing a blue figure.

A warrior armored with golden armour and a sword made of bluish flames, his blue hair riding the wind as he stared the golem down face to face, now the true envoy of the bluish flames has descended, “Bluish Flame Liberator, Percival!”

Descent and Advent - Page 2 Bluish_Flame_Liberator,_Percival_(Anime-LM-NC)

The units backing up Tsubasa were all in shock to see their Vanguard take the form of a unit that was unknown by them, a new Gold Paladin, the Vanguard of the Bluish Flames. Now the stage was set, as the golem stared in disbelief at the floating golden blue hero in front of him.

The Vanguard of the Bluish Flames is born.

With a quick motion from his hands, several bluish flame blasts were sent at great speed hurling at Glendios, forcing him to trip up and fall down from the magnitude of the strikes.

Ezel and Alfred took this chance to sever the locks placed on their comrades, unfortunately they were all tired and unable to put up much more of a fight after being locked and thrashed several times over. Now it was up to Tsubasa, now Percival, to take down the Golem or at least hold him off until their forces are recovered. The Golem and Percival took to the sky slightly each covering themselves in energy, in Percival’s case it was a blue energy sphere and for Glendios it was a giant sphere of purple flames and with that the struggle began, both energy forms smashing into one another repetitively neither side willing to get pushed aside, as Tsubasa sent several bluish flame shots at the sphere keeping at bay when needed unfortunately he was met with several lock attacks and attempts, thankfully avoiding each one as the blasters, Gancelot and Brennius would take whatever chance to slash any incoming lock attacks and stop them from harming their Vanguard.

The fight continued for a long while each side blasting at one another with their separate attacks, the units from below were astounded by the magnitude of the struggle and more so by the stunt that Tsubasa had just done. No one aside from Zenon could have known who Percival was and even more they could not have known the amount of power he had to allow him to hold off the Cyber Golem. Nevertheless, Glendios was no easy opponent, while extremely resilient to his attacks the Golem would counter several times flinging Tsubasa Percival away from him and even sometimes maintaining a crushing grip on him. Thankfully Tsubasa Percival would have his bluish flames sword ready to help keep his distance from Glendios as he fired consecutive fire spheres at him. Both sides had used up most of their energy as energy spheres now was the time to settle it the usual way, in Tsubasa Percival's case it was a charge at the Golem with the intent to destroy him with his sword as it blazed a bright blue.

“You will fall to me Sera no Glendios, there is a better way to save both worlds, it certainly won’t be done through your current methods!"

Unfortunately the Golem would evade and counter with ease which was quite surprising at some point Glendios managed to hit Percival severely sending him flying even higher allowing Glendios the time to shift his target to possibly ruin Tsubasa's advance, now heading straight down towards the units that Tsubasa Percival was protecting forcing Tsubasa to follow the Cyber Golem. Originally the Golem must have thought that they would be easy targets but he had not factored in the amount of time they had to recuperate.

The Golem descended from the clouds but was met by a surprising counterattack, all the units that had come to fight in this grand battle including those guided by the Vanguards of earth along with Ezel and Alfred fired an all-out blast against the Golem stopping him mid-air and severly disrupting it’s focus, now was the time to strike as the units shouted in unison for Tsubasa Percival to make his final attack.

Descent and Advent - Page 2 Latest?cb=20120924180201

“..Now..let’s end this…the nightmare ends today Link Joker!” he shouted as he raised his sword and descended down, enveloped by bluish flames, his strike aimed right Glendios before the Golem could recharge and attack the now recharging forces of Cray. “FINAL GLORIOUS FLAME!” was declared as Tsubasa Percival crashed into the golem shattering its body and into pieces and removing its flames.

Descent and Advent - Page 2 Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRKxV_LAKM08vYadxg9Oxc8Zaj9g1S_2eMKoLQrS0rzsJrV44kJrQ

With the shockwave of the crash occurring the units of Cray cheered and shouted in happiness to see the destructive beast shatter to bits in the middle of the sky, they now knew that the nightmare was averted and the invasion of the Clown’s most powerful creation has be halted. Now Tsubasa descended lightly onto the ground as he was greeted by his units and the forces of Cray gathering to thank and congratulate him for his efforts.

“My Vanguard that was amazing!” said Brennius.

"Your wings have finally reached beyond the zenith, my Vanguard." said Gancelot.

“Nothing short of incredible.” said Alfred.

“I knew I saw something amazing in you my Vanguard.” said Ezel.

“…Tch…I guess it was okay.” said Yunos.

“We thank you My Vanguard.” said Ahmes.

“It was my duty-….-large pulse, coming from his body, pushing the units away-…AHHHHHHHH!” he shouted as he almost collapsed to the ground due to the pressure of that assault from within, the units of cray rushing back to aid him. “Stay Back!”

“You have to stay away…-pulse, grunt- ahhh…tch I thought beating Glendios would end this…what is happen--pulse,grunt-….ahhh” he grunted.

“His body is being taken over, he’s used too much of his energy…and even a lot of his life force to unleash that form….his body can’t contain the energy!”

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” he shouted as he fell to his knees, his vision beginning to blur a lot as well as he could barely use his bodily functions at all.

“…Units of cray…please listen….I have something to say to you and…your Vanguards.” he said, restanding and trying to hold himself together, unfortunately he was starting to cough blood now…

The words of a reluctant hero.

“…I cannot thank you enough…you changed my life all of you Vanguards and Units alike, in your own ways you helped me grow…you saved me from the despair that life threw at me and even helped me reach out to my family and rebuild my life –coughs blood- now to talk to you each individually….Karin, I appreciate what you did for my brother, I wish I could have spent more time to face you myself but it looks like that won’t be the case…Alex –coughs blood- be careful who you smack with doors man, but…you were a great person to meet and know even if not for long, you were a good friend and an even more impressive fighter, keep at it and you will be great…Shiki, maybe in my last words you would believe that I genuinely wanted to get to know you better, after all you did help me with a lot, so thank you, make sure to try the manga I gave you…Darren, I may not have known you so well, but from what I have seen you were a great friend and an amazing fighter, I know that the world will be safe with you guarding it –coughs blood-…Xat, I know you’re stronger now, I sensed it when I saw you next, Murakumo could not have chosen a better Vanguard, take care of yourself…Noel, I’m glad I got to know you for a good while, we may not have had a good start with Haruto’s shenanigans but you are incredible, never let anyone step on you, you are the strongest Jewel Knight user period, and above all a great friend….Haruka…I know why my brother held you so high in his eyes…I wish I could have had a chance to spend more time, not to mention the master coffee, I won’t forget the great times and fights I wish you the best my friend……”

“My Vanguard....why are you saying all this??!!” asked Ahmes, though he was only met with a sincere smile from Tsubasa who continued talking.

“…Cero, despite your hot headed nature and your desire to eradicate everything that stands in your way…I have come to realize that you really are worthy of the title Kaiser, I know you will bring him back, you always overcome your obstacles, take care of yourself my friend….Yukino, stubborn as always...but a truly great commander and friend, I may not call you Yugure like you wish to but that is mainly because like I told you that day…I only see my friend Yukino a great and caring person, do me a over Haruto for him become as strong as he can be, and don’t worry the more you keep him close the more he will invest in keeping you safe and away from doing too much at once, thank you for everything… really were an interesting person I have to say, when I first met you I did not think too much about-coughs blood-…about what the future held or that we would go this far…but through it all I was reminded by your strength and caring nature to always continue fighting, you’re not one is, but you are an irreplaceable friend…Fei…I cannot think you enough for punching me that day man, and always helping me, I don’t need to restate to you what I need from you…I will never forget you….I will never forget all of you…please help my brother the same way you helped me…by being yourselves, my family, please remember that I will never long as you hold me in your memories…I leave both planets in the most capable hands, as I end the last of the reverse with what I have left….Haruto-“ Tsubasa’s eyes went dark when he was about to give his last words to his brother, as he collapsed on the floor. The wings of the falcon had taken their last flight in the world, leaving a mark from the advent of the bluish flames.

The units of cray rushed to his side…..but he was already gone…..his body began to glow a bright blue colour as it became enveloped in bluish flames and slowly disappearing from the world in that form, destroying the remaining reverse energy that was within him. Beyond the tears and sadness that had come to the faces of those that were watching this scene, a stream of bluish flames flew through the skies, unnoticed by anyone as it made its way to Haruto’s bedroom in Tsubasa’s home and landed lightly next to his bed on a shelf, as it materialized into a deck next to the sleeping Haruto, with the face-up card being ‘Bluish Flame Liberator, Percival’.

“Find Peace….My brother…”

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Post by Guest on Fri Nov 20, 2015 6:46 am

As he walked away Shiki lifted his hands up, doing the talking montion with them while waving his head left and right. When Tsubasa appeared infront of him with a punch Shiki's honed reflexes answered right away, blocking the hit with his arm, although still pushed back a bit by the blow. After recovering from the block Shiki moved his feet back, entering a battle ready stance "Did you finally understan-" and as Tsubasa continued on with his monologue Shiki broke the stance and sighted once again mocking him by doing the hand motion, simply standing there.

"You talk alot trying to say I'm wrong yet you never really give any actual argument. It makes your speeches really shallow and I hope you realize that."

After realizing that regardless of Tsubasa does he simply fails to understand anything, he didn't even flinch when he swung the sword at him, with total confidence he shrugged and looked at the manga in his hands when Tsubasa disappeared into the portal or whatever that was and threw it behind him. "No thank you."

"Not like it matterse anyways, at this point Glendios should be unstoppable anyways." he walked, talking to himself outloud. "Soon it should be time for Chaos Breaker to realize his end of the bargain, I'll finally be out of-" Shiki grasped his heart, resisting the urge to straight out scream from pain as the large black ring above the entire field shrinked and moved to be directly above him. A gate opened from within the ring, blasting redish flames straight onto the man. The flames entered Shiki's body leaving not a single scratch or burn or any mark of that kind and instead leaving him out cold on the ground, still breathing.


When Glendios took the final blow what was left of his armor completely shattered, and the now free flames went completely wild expanding tenfold.

"ROOOOGGGHHHHHHHHT", one last howl was heard before the flames split apart and blasted off into the ring above Cray, leaving not a single trace of themselves.


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Post by Rawkobo on Fri Nov 20, 2015 11:27 am

Watching Glendios tackle person after person and defy the success of some of them, despite their efforts, was absolutely absurd. Satoshi couldn't imagine what he could possibly do, even with Stride, to try and counteract any of this, especially when some of those with the greatest fighting spirit he had ever seen failed to defeat the golem.

Then Tsubasa Hayato stepped up to the plate. The Hero of Liberation that triumphed over Neu Edelweiss. A hero that the farmboy had fought once, long ago, but failed to interact with much since that time. Still a recognizable face, nonetheless.

Tsubasa made the decision with Ahmes to travel to Cray to fight Glendios directly, something a bit unexpected, but knowing his recent sucesses, likely to work. When he leaped through the portal, the tear that remained allowed everyone else to view what exactly the Gold Paladin bearer would do.

And what he did defied all possible expectations. With his determination and resolve at an all-time high, he transcended and became his own unit. By doing so, he proceeded to demolish Glendios by his own hand, pushing all of his energy into his attacks, including one that pierced straight through the golem's very being and extinguished its flame.

For all that was clear in that moment in time, the fight against the Invasion was finally over.

His success was not without sacrifice. Tsubasa's goodbye...even though they had not known each other that well, it still affected Satoshi quite strongly. This was a comrade who, knowing full well what could happen, fought for the people of this particular timeline anyway, throwing his essence away in exchange for a brighter future for all of his friends and family.

No matter how intensely someone wanted to save this world, none at this time could have possibly matched what Tsubasa had done in his mind. Not even Yugure.

Sephirot phased into existence beside Satoshi, putting a hand on his shoulder of brief consolation. "What we all just beyond the normal boundaries of a hero. This man was a martyr for Cray."

Wiping a tear from his eye, the farmboy nodded. "He isn't just a hero anymore here, either. He's a champion."

Sephirot gave a weak smile. "Yes. A Champion of Liberation."

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Descent and Advent - Page 2 Empty Re: Descent and Advent

Post by Xateramusa on Fri Nov 20, 2015 1:41 pm

Xat heard Tsubasa's last words and what had happen through her units. She then felt something wet slide down her cheecks and she went to wipe it away she relized that it was tears. Tsubasa made a huge sacrifice to save the earth and she knew that it would soon take its toll on anyone who was close to tsubasa really hard. She turned away and started to walk back to the other part of the city noticing all the things that the war agenst reversed had cost them.

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Descent and Advent - Page 2 Empty Re: Descent and Advent

Post by Best Girl on Fri Nov 20, 2015 4:13 pm

"Goddammit!!" Queen Yukino screamed, seeing Glendios' defeat at the hands of cheese incarnated. This was her chance to take over this world with ease, and yet, someone else of this timeline of idiots succeeded. Father Espoir simply closed his eyes, saying nothing. Her Majesty couldn't fulfill her goal through this plane's crisis. It wouldn't stop her from trying again some other way, but for now, Tsubasa could know that he helped prevent another disaster as well. Yelling some childish gibberish and "This isn't over yet!", the winged angel soared off, tearing through the clouds violently.

Cyan didn't have much to say either. She was simply glad everyone made it out... except for that one guy who she didn't even know in her own timeline. Seeing a legion of troops arrive, and the mourning on Cray begin, the Aqua Force master slipped away, as did Admiral Maelstrom.

They accepted they couldn't achieve their goals, they were just too nice.

Soldiers rushed in, immediately securing the unconscious Shiki. An arrest of sorts for the man who nearly ended two worlds. The nightmare would finally be over now that he's in their custody, locked up in a cell like he locked people's cards and hearts.
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Post by NovaRaizer on Sat Nov 21, 2015 12:21 am

As all of the events unfolded one by one, Darren was filled with a mix of emotions. He saw his friends falling one by one, wanting to step in and fight himself but Daikaiser stopped him. If Darren so much as got too close to that monster, the Seed within him could react. He couldn't afford to do that to the one who worked so hard to keep it sealed.

He held onto he chest, seeing some succeed in defeating it, only for it not to die. In the end, only one could stop it for good, Tsubasa, but the cost was too great. Darren closed his eyes as he saw his friend fall, fighting to save them all. What could he do through it all? All he could do in the end was stay out of the way, lest he add onto the threat. He turned as he saw everything had finally come to an end. He had made a decision.

"I need to stay away from them for a little while," he said, speaking aloud to Daikaiser. "When the sealing process is complete, the Seed will stabilize. That's what Daiyusha is trying to do, isn't it?"

That's right, but are you really okay waiting alone all that time until its done? We don't even know how long it'll take.

"Better than being a threat... Besides, the fighting's done and I'm not gonna be needed around anytime soon."

So you're really not worried about them? Noel and Seifer? How about Yugure and the rest?

"They'll be fine..."

And Xat?

"....... She doesn't need me right now."

Darren turned as he started to walk away, going into the darkness of solitude. He couldn't face anyone as he was now. Not only due to what could happen, but he honestly didn't know what to say, to tell them that he could restart this entire incident with the wrong decision. It was best he stayed away from them until he knew he couldn't threaten anyone. At least he wasn't going to trap himself in the moon. That would really be stupid.

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Descent and Advent - Page 2 Empty Re: Descent and Advent

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