Carlos Estevez

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Carlos Estevez

Post by Nova Major on Tue Nov 17, 2015 8:08 pm


IGN: Nova Major
Character Name: Carlos Estevez
Age: 19
Main Clan: Narukami
Secondary Decks: None
Avatar Card: Recklessness Dragon
Alignment: Hero
Theme: Three Times The Passion Of Ordinary Flamenco

Personality: Carlos it’s an easy-going person, trying to stay in a good mood all the time. Thanks to the values instilled at home, he tries to be a helpful and talk a lot to others around him but not to the point of being treated as a doormat. He also likes to be surrounded by people he considers his family, related by blood or not. One of his main defaults is that he is not a very smart individual when making plans, which leads him to many troubles. However, he is very passionate with what he does.

When he plays, he only has two plans Plan A – Attack, Plan B – Return to Plan A. That's why elected Narukami clan whose simple strategy to retire the opponent’s rear-guards seemed similar to how he likes to play. Sometimes, it seems that he conceives very good strategies that are better than just attack and retire. But that’s like, once every 40 days or so.

Biography: Born in South America, Carlos had a relatively normal childhood. The city in which he lived, however, had some sort of unwritten rules. One of them was that, at the age of 15, you could become a child version of a gangster OR you could continue your studies until you became a respected member of society. But the surroundings of the little child indicated that the former was going to happen. That was before he found Vanguard.

The game opened up a world of possibilities for Carlos and he wasn’t going to let the doors close. In the name of a precious friend of his, he got the best grades he could and saved a lot of money to travel to the place where Cardfight!! Vanguard was born, a place surrounded by mysteries and a lot of strange rumors. “But nothing to worry about”, he thought. Unable to contain his excitement, he took the first flight he could find and departed into the unknown. After all, what could go wrong? A lot, apparently.
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