Season 3 Stride Rulings

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Season 3 Stride Rulings

Post by Best Girl on Fri Nov 06, 2015 12:43 pm

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These are all the rules and guidelines for use of G Units before G Era (Season 5).

- Cray Elemental, Link Joker, and "The Ace" are all restricted.
- All Seeds have access to Strides, mainly Archetype Strides. (See: Seed Guidelines)
- All players are allowed only four G Units in their G Zone, and can only Stride twice per game.
- The Reality Bangle Accessory is the current normal way for people to obtain the power to Stride. You may unlock it through other means if you so choose, but contact staff first just to let us know.
- Stride normally casts enormous strain on a user unless they have some way to endure it. (For example: being a person of vast magical power, being a Seed, or getting used to it through practiced use.)
- Archetype Specific Strides for characters that are not Seeds need to be discussed with Staff first.
- Non-Archetype Strides are not unique/can be used by an infinite amount of people at once.
- You do not have to remove G Units from the Game for G-Assist.
- "If you have two or more face-up cards in your G Zone" and GB2 are moved from card text. Meaning Cards like Saint Blow Dragon can be used fully upon your first Stride. GB3 is not removed.
- Non-Seed characters must develop into new Strides individually, but may use up to 4 copies of that Stride once unlocked. (See: Basic Evolution rules.)
- Multiclanning Strides is allowed, but your Strides still have to make some sense with your character and deck.

These are all for Season 3 only, so relax.
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