Heero Yayoi, Security's Silencer

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Heero Yayoi, Security's Silencer

Post by Rawkobo on Wed Nov 04, 2015 12:48 am

IGN: Beryl
Name: Heero Yayoi
Age: 18
Clan: Genesis
Avatar Card: Omniscience Regalia, Minerva
G-Units: Sacred Flame Ultimate Regalia, Demeter
Great Angel, Doom Brace
Goddess of the Firmament, Dione

Personality: A young scientist and ace shot, everything Heero does is precise and calculated without need for words beyond what is necessary. His top-percentile intelligence leads him to disregard the words of those not on his level; the incompetent don't know what's best for them, after all. He aims to protect even those who do not need protecting for the sake of prevention, though at its core, he refuses to confess that it comes from fear of a return of darkness.

What Happened?: At the top of his class at a very young age, Heero was given a very rare opportunity as a student. He was given the privilege of joining a private security firm hired by the government of Japan. Their goal was to eliminate threats at all cost. Up to the task, Heero went under intense private study and training at the hands of his superiors, developing into a supersoldier of sorts at a young age.

In their free time, Heero and the soldiers would play a game of mental endurance with Vanguard. The boy went through countless strategies and decks before deciding upon Genesis, a deck that would later seal his fate, as well as the timeline he resided in. His intelligence and skill grew, and he achieved the fastest evolution ever documented on Cray, claiming Minerva as his ace.

But that came with an unintended side-effect: Heero was granted a sixth sense. This sixth sense proved to be impossible to control, even for his brilliant mind, and it forced him to, as stably as possible, act on his primitive sense of fear.

He was granted information that allowed him to come to the seeds themselves, and upon their rise, silence them as quickly as possible. Forcing them into submission with the power of his Vanguard, he finished them with a silenced pistol. One bullet for each ringleader. There were only four.

But he didn't stop there.

Heero was convinced from what he had been shown that seeds simply came into existence as they should. People of great power had the greatest possibility to spawn the seeds. With this information kept to himself, he decided to take a solo mission away from his organization, one that would place a bounty on his head.

He traveled as much as possible to find every world leader and silence them himself, before they gave in to darkness. Assassinations. Overwhelming power granted by the wisdom and security of Regalia. Heero had no intention of letting the seeds rise to the cause, and if what it took was eliminating the strong so that there was nothing to feed on, he would do it.

Constantly on the run, he had no idea what he had actually done. Out of pure fear alone, he had set the world on its head. Their leaders gone, the people of the world's countries broke out into violence. Their weakness led to their own elimination. Before long, those that remained stayed in their houses and foraged for supplies rarely.

The reason for this? Well...if they showed any kind of confidence, they would have to be afraid of eyes in the skies. Because if caught, a boy in a white coat would be showing up not long after...

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