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Cyan Umi

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IGN: Hope
Character Name: Cyan Umi
Age: 20
Clan: Aqua Force
Avatar Card: Blue Storm Karma Dragon, Maelstrom "Яeverse"
G Units: Blue Storm Marshal Dragon, Admiral Maelstrom

Personality: Cyan's demeanor is quiet and depressing, infecting people with negativity by just being nearby. A broken woman with little hope, finding solace only in the fact that Aqua Force still exists, and the prime dimension is an opportunity to change everything. Her only chance... her last chance. She makes it clear that her drive is saving the people of a dead dimension.

Description of Destroyed Timeline and why it Failed: Everything.

While this timeline believed they did everything right, everything went wrong. There is only a barren waste, devoid of hope, that is known as Planet Earth. There was a sister planet in the same state known as Planet Cray.

Cyan was an adorable girl, an aspiring Aqua Force player. More importantly, she was the sole student of Jellal Kisaragi - Aqua Force's Vanguard. Wielding the power of the Blue Wave forces, she was the Rear Admiral to Jellal's Head Admiral. The boon restored to the masses with the return of the true rulers was tremendous. Unification of Cray went swimmingly with Maelstrom's negotiation and defining true "justice" in an era where Link Joker was over the horizon. Having been recognized as the strongest of the clan, Jellal found himself at a peace of mind with his true clan. Cyan admired how he handled his hardships and found strength through new friendships with others. How awe-inspiring it was to hear him fight in the War of Liberation for the sake of returning the favor for those people ending his suffering. The lass yearned to be a hero - to have a ring of friends and comrades gathered about her. This simplistic flare interested the blonde fighter, and he took her under his wing.

Her potential was grand, even commanding Maelstrom masterfully without knowing how to play the dragon's deck properly. Yet, she was ever so modest. As if she had no real faith in her skill, nor pride in it. Cyan was simply happy to be doing well by Jellal's opinion, along with the praise of others.

Maelstrom silently stated that he liked her for a Vanguard. As did Tetra Drive, Revonn, Genovious, everyone. If only she could have heard their approval and respect...

When the Link Joker invasion began, Aqua Force was pushed at its absolute limits of survival. They were usually without their attack formations, having to hold back to prevent being locked... or going full throttle to ensure a kill before locks began. Jellal and Cyan let the world through a miracle - the instant of transcendence. Tetra Drive and Maelstrom achieved forms not even thought possible, obliterating the malicious cyber menace through righteous justice. Nobody was even sure how this happened, but it simply proved that not only was Jellal the true master, but Cyan's potential and talent surpassed even said master. Though they sustained heavy losses against the Star-vaders, Earth and Cray had come out on top, defeating the World Ending evil that appeared.

Or so they thought.

That's when the nightmare began.

Bizarre, horrifying centipede monsters descended. Not unto Earth and Cray, but unto time itself. These alien invaders were Link Joker as well, and referred to themselves as Reapers. They were beyond comprehension, instilling despair like no other in the masses by slaughtering them with minimal struggle. The two worlds were being destroyed in a war that was beginning to look unwinnable. Cyan requested to go out to the frontlines with Jellal.

He refused.

A baffling rejection, considering now is when they'd need her most. However, Jellal stated that because she had no belief in her true prowess, she wouldn't be able to defeat them. As long as she kept being modest and denying her potential, she was a liability. This... struck very hard home for her. Those blunt, harsh words of truth... saved her life. Her master was killed hours after his departure. In a fit of rage, she charged out to fight anyway. While she kept stating that she finally believed in herself, it was only because Jellal told her to do it. Not because she truly did. This weakness was how the Reapers ensnared her forever.

Tetra Drive Dragon was completely erased from existence.

She didn't stop.

Maelstrom took up arms with her.

The power to summon the admiral's presence was within her.

"How delicious", was a villainous thought. Despite being able to recreate the moment of transcendence with Maelstrom in a desperate struggle to get back what was stolen... They did the unthinkable. First, they acknowledged Cyan as the most threatening being of this timeline. Her destiny was far too grand and all too rewarding. Killing her would be the end of it, but that isn't any fun for sadistic horrorterrors. No, what they did... was steal away that destiny and potential. The ultimate power known as Glory Maelstrom, the last evolution that could possibly repel these death gods... was locked away. Her ability to grasp it was removed. Her pinnacle was forced.

And then they left.

They didn't keep destroying, they simply left behind what wasn't destroyed.

Which was next to nothing.

Cyan stood in the barren wasteland known as Earth. She could feel that everything was lost... Cray... was in an even worse state. Humanity was in the verge of extinction... and she could do nothing about it. No matter how hard she cried or screamed, the power to change this didn't come. Because it simply could not - it simply didn't exist anymore. This failure... may have been her own fault for having no pride? No sense of pride in her skill? If she had this and had gone out with Jellal... Would it have changed anything? Dropping to her knees, clutching her fists, she began to believe it wouldn't have. Nothing would have changed - the doubt remained. Despair devoured her whole spirit.

The parasite known as "Reverse" that had been toppled crept into her heart.

Not to infect her or to convert her... but to leave a mark.

To be evidence of a suffering that had no hope for restoration.

This timeline was doomed.
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