The World Diva, Flonne

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The World Diva, Flonne

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You Go Girl!!!


Character Name
Flonne Hateshinai


Bermuda Triangle

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G Units

Flonne is loved by her fans and she loves them just as dearly. She will not deny a fan the opportunity to hear her lovely voice. She hates when someone interrupt her singing though for whatever reason. However she does grow tired of her idol life. But after what she saw happen to her time, she vowed to never quit on her fans ever. Her only wish though is to find a rival idol that can surpass her and make her fans more happy than she could ever. This wish has caused her to despise idols that only care for the money or whose voice can never surpass hers.

Description of Destroyed Timeline and why it Failed
Flonne lived in a timeline where she was the top idol of the world. Her voice was heard globally and everyone loved and wanted more of her singing. When the Link Jokers invaded, it was a shocked to everyone to see Flonne join the fight against them. But her resolve to protect her fans and her songs was such a huge boost of morale that the heroes facing the Link Jokers were able to fight them back and defeat them once and for all. Even if she herself did not land the final blow, the world knew it was thanks to Flonne that they were able to beat the Link Joker and her fame grew to the point of worship.

And thats when the world's downfall began. Flonne was tired of her diva life and was ready to retire to live her own life. But the people refused to accept it. They pleaded with her, begged her to not abandon them. Flonne could not help but feel for them and delayed her retirement as long as she could as she searched for a diva that could surpass her and give people the happiness she could not give them. But there was no one out who dared try. There had been no more girls that attempted to become idols, believing Flonne to be an eternal idol that they can never reach. Flonne eventually reached a breaking point. She did not want to sing for the rest of her life. And she also did not enjoy the way people worshiped her like a goddess. So when she finally announced her official retirement, chaos ensued. It started as with occasion riots. People would steal anything they could that had Flonne's singing, even going so far as murdering others. Then it escalated.

When Flonne had went to retirement, her choice of where she'd live was kept a secret. Governments began to accuse one and the other in hiding their goddess diva. At first it was only bickering, accusation being thrown harmlessly, then it finally led to a worldwide war. Even her friends, the heroes that fought with her against the Link Jokers, who had actually hid her away from the world, understanding her plea was forced to intervene but lost their lives in the ravage of war. This made Flonne decide to return to become the diva of the world, to stop the endless madness the world was caught in. But it was too late. Her reappearance had only caused the war to escalate more as each country wanted Flonne for themselves and turned the war into a nuclear one.

The nuclear weapons decimated the world and its people with only a handful of survivors, including Flonne. Flonne cried. She cried her heart out as she saw what the world had become cause of her. She blamed herself for abandoning the love the world had for her and wished she could go back and redo everything. She wished she had not given up on her fans. She wished there had been someone brave enough to become a diva that would surpass her and love her fans more than she ever could.

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