Sophie Farren

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Sophie Farren

Post by EternalDollie on Tue Nov 03, 2015 9:02 pm

Mad Dolls

"Destruction isn't suppose to make sense. It's only fun when it's senseless!"


Character Name
Sophie Farren


Main Clan
Pale Moon

Avatar Card


Sophie enjoys things people would not. She relishes in seeing people, even herself in pain. She cheers on serial killers and cruel dictators. She smiles whenever she wakes from nightmares. Sophie's only care is to enjoy her life in her own way, regardless of the consequences. The one thing she truly has in common with the majority of the people that she enjoyed, is Vanguard. It wasn't the game or the concept that attracted her though, it was the  seriousness many people took to the game. She loved watching the despair and rage on the people's faces as they lost and occasionally even enjoyed the feeling of defeat at losing a match. And the higher the stake of those defeats, the better she enjoyed the end.

Sophie's life was not a tragic one. She lived within a luxurious home, with caring parents and siblings. She could get whatever she want. Go to the best school. Wear the best clothes. And that was what made her feel her life was the worse. Sophie hated the love she felt for her family and the peaceful life made her sick. And so Sophie did the only thing logical. She 'accidentally' burned the house down with family and friends inside, running off as she did.

Did her family survive? Sophie didn't know and the terror of believing she had killed them made her almost wet herself from the euphoric feeling. The nightmares of their agony screams as they burned merely were icing on the delicious cake. Sophie managed to live off alone with a portion of money she had secretly build up from the family fortune and changed her name. In fact, her real name wasn't Sophie Farren. Sophie had long forgotten her real name. She lived this new life quietly, not attracting attention to herself. She did however get into the popular card game Cardfight Vanguard!

Sophie's choice of deck, Pale Moon, wasn't one she chose out of like of the clan itself. When she had saw the Nightmare Dolls specifically, she had felt a dread that she never thought she'd feel outside her nightmares and had fallen in love with them instantly. She continue to hone her skills with the deck, continue to try and beat down others and taunt them after their loss, relishing on either their raging outburst or tears of despair. And should she lose, she relished on her own feeling of disappointment and despair.  It wasn't the best life Sophie saw for herself, but it was something to live off of.

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