Amatsuki Tokiya - Soul Symphony

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Amatsuki Tokiya - Soul Symphony

Post by Jello on Tue Nov 03, 2015 8:52 pm


Character Name:
Amatsuki Tokiya


Dark Irregulars

Avatar Card:
Demon World Marquis, Amon

G Units:
Amon's Claw, Marchosias and Storm of Love, Kisskill Lila

Personality: A mute boy from a village south of the big city near Kizoku and Hoshiko. He grew up in home school from his mother, as his father worked all day with commuting to the city and back. Amatsuki could not speak, therefore communication between others was often scarce, so in order to compensate for that, he learned to do other things to communicate with people. He learned to play violin, viola, piano, cello, bass, trumpet, saxophone and the flute by the age of 16. Music was the passion he had, alongside Vanguard which he played with his friend, Mizumi, often.

Why did the timeline fail?: Due to the invasion taking so many lives during the war, and only barely being stopped by Amon at the last possible second, many people did get unreversed in time before Link Joker had partially destroyed the planet. Despite being the only person the save the world, only his music was there to make up for it. People did not believe he would be able to save them a second time, should Amatsuki be the only one left to do it. They thought without a commanding voice to lead them, it would go nowhere.

Anarchy reigned over the country of Japan without a solid government due to heavy casualties in the highest populated areas. Amatsuki would soon find that the entire island of Japan was unsafe... when he found his dear friend Mizumi being stabbed to death by robbers in an alleyway beside his apartment. Vanguard was no longer the prime game people played in this timeline. It was murder.

Amon, the master of souls and demons gave Amatsuki solace, despite the fact that he himself was not a good person. He promised Amatsuki a world without destruction, or at least destruction around him, one day. Amon promised him power and many other things. Amatsuki stayed in his room and played instruments til he passed out from exhaustion. It was his only real way of coping with the world slowly falling apart.

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