Tsubasa Hayato

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Tsubasa Hayato

Post by BluishOver on Sat Oct 17, 2015 12:46 am

Appearance as Diablo:

- Character Name: Tsubasa Hayato
- Age: 20
- Main Clan: Gold Paladin
- Avatar Card: Blaster Blade, Liberator
- Side: Good

Bio:  Tsubasa moves from his previous home in Canada to Hoshiko/Rijuku at the age of 18 in order to provide for his brother and himself. When Tsubasa was younger (age 8 ) he ran away from his home after getting into an arguement with his family, when he returned to his home, that was the moment his old life was gone forever. The house was on fire, with his mother, father and brother inside it. At that point in time he had two close friends Fei and Ray, Ray asked him to get help when he saw the fire until he tries to help Tsubasa's family. By the time Tsubasa brought back his friend Fei and more people to help it was already too late...Ray had managed to save Haruto (Tsubasa's 4 yr old younger brother) but at the cost of his own life. This event caused Tsubasa to go into a severe state of depression, as he blamed himself for not being present when the cause of the fire started. Due to this Tsubasa never really associated with many other people, he knew that if he had to care for his only family remaining he had to become an independent person faster, however the guilt that he felt kept him from being able to face his brother again... He knew that he could never excuse not being there when he should have been. Nevertheless 10 years later through Vanguard and coming to this town, he began to open up a bit to others slightly, he began to take back his cheerful and happy side, but until this day the events of that day haunt him as they are the barrier that to him seperates both him and his brother.

Tsubasa originally had to struggle with his own issues and relied on the game of Vanguard to develop and grow. At first he held the Royal Paladin Clan and used it to see how far he can push ahead. Eventually due to the actions of the Rift and Neu Edelweiss he was forced to switch to the Gold Paladin Clan, but eventually grows attached to the clan as it begins to show him the nature or style of Vanguard that he hopes to follow and reflect on himself, a style that is different from the person who is afraid to grow attached to others in fear of losing them like his friend and his parents. After the events of the War of Liberation he is proclaimed the savior of the clans along with the 4 other champions involved. He returns back to his hometown to rebuild his parent's home at the end of the War of Liberation, in order to help his brother Haruto, who is staying with Fei's family, and show as much respect for his parents as he could.

Personality: He has a mysterious and cool aura to him. He is quiet and observant and is always in thought, generally he tries to not grow attached towards others because of the experience he went through, as he worries that he will have to experience that pain again. He tries his hardest to keep those around him safe and for that reason tries to help them as much as he can, but before he can ask for their help he attempts to make sure that they won't get hurt in the process.

- "People see what they want to see but when it comes down to something bad, they turn their heads and pretend it never existed."
- "I should have been there..."
- "We cannot grow or evolve if we are not willing to face our problems head on, hiding from them won't solve anything."


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