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Akama Shiki

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"Greetings to all of you minor characters!"

Theme songs for extra swag:

IGN: Darkey
Character Name: Akama Shiki
Alignment: Evil

Main Clan:
Season 1 - Granblue
Season 2 - Granblue
Season 3 - Link Joker
Season 4 - Link Joker

Avatar Card:
Season 1 - Captain Nightmist
Season 2 - Ice Prison Necromancer, Cocytus
Season 3 - Star-vader, "Omega" Glendios
Season 4 - Sealed Star-vader, "Omega" Glendios Revenant

Season 1-2:
Akama, at first glance, is an average man who doesn't share the same interests as others around him. He is not a fan of Vanguard, rather, he views it more as a very good timekiller when his manga was yet to receive it's new chapter. In fact, he's rather enarmored over these japanese comic books, mainly the shonens.. And very obsessed over women's underwear. This panty craze only resulted in him getting slapped by literally every girl he's ever met, resulting in him always walking around with bandages anywhere on the face.
He doesn't really like people, and isn't afraid one bit to voice his opinion regarding some people, as rude as it might be. Shiki also doesn't really believe in any deeper reason behind anything, for him things happen simply because "they do", and there is nothing to do about it other than go with it.
"With the Reverse Energy sealed with him, Shiki's mentallity started to get twisted, turning him into a sarcastic asshole with a dark sense of humor. He believes anyone that resorts to Cardfight Vanguard as their go-to force to defeat threats to be fools. He keeps just about everything secret, except his opinion of others which he is very prone to simply saying outloud no matter how negative they end up being. Shiki also has a tendency to play dirty, outright cheating or launching surprise attacks and backstabbing others, he basically lacks any sense of morality. The only thing he cares about it realizing his goals, stopping at literally nothing to do so."

For all of Akama's life, he accepted fortune and misfortune. It was just a part of life, nothing to really be done about it. Some thought that if he applied himself more and tried to fight against misfortune, he'd be better off. He disagreed. It resulted in him getting kicked out of school for awful grades that he just could never make up for. His parents were naturally furious and absolutely done with his lack of a damn to give. Though reluctantly, they kicked him out of the house. Poor kid was on his own now, and he simply shrugged it of, "I saw that coming."

While he was out of a home and no table to put food on, if he even had any, he felt like one of his favorite anime characters. Empowered and free of the shackles of actually having to deal with parents school. As if he was an anime character who just never went to class, and nobody got on him about it because that's just how anime worked.. That sounded stupid, but he laughed every time he thought about it anyway. He had to admit that being homeless for awhile was more daunting than first anticipated, but he found solace.. in manga. People threw away these amazing comic books?! Why?! He was especially dumbfounded when his favorite anime's manga counterpart was thrown away. It said that its animation ended... Losing faith in humanity's power to continue such greatness, he threw himself at manga. At least they'd go on with proper endings, and they don't miss details, or add useless ones for that matter.

Eventually, somehow, Akama got himself a place to stay.. Well, a very poor rented house more like, it was almost entirely blocked off from the outside world. What he was even living off of was completely unknown, because nobody really cares about that anyways. As far as he was concerned, it was irrelevant too. He shut himself away from the Earth, becoming one with glorious manga and delightfully insane anime. Otaku wasn't a choice, for him, it was his true calling. Though, disaster struck one fateful day.. He caught up with everything that he was interested in. This.. was a nightmare. He had nothing to do, since he'd have to wait until next week for something to update. While he was lost in dismay of this fact, he realized that he was out of food. So he left to go grocery shopping only to find some new card game everyone was raving over. "Vanguard" is what they called it. As bored as he was, he gave it a go. Needless to say, he oddly found it sort of ridiculous how people acted like they were fighting "with" the units, or that they were the "vanguards" on "Planet Cray". However, it was better than nothing and he could always scout out a girl or two passing the main shop everyone used for whatever reason.

Season 1:
After taking part in a Card Capital tournament, Shiki has met a white-haired girl named Yukino, who was very confident in herself and an overall spoiled child. Needless to say, they didn't like eachother, even at this early stage Shiki has hated her. It was her that stopped his progression in the tournament, as days passed Shiki found himself lost in a Train Station, and met Yukino's sister - Hana, this meeting would lead to disaster and nearly ending up in his death by Yukino's hands, who was furious about Shiki getting close to her sister, this fueled further hate between the two. Not much out of the ordinary happened in Shiki's life since then, untill the National Cardfight Vanguard Tournament, where he once again crossed paths with Yukino whom he at that time declared a stalker, for the sake of entering the top 8 of the Nationals they engaged in a cardfight, and much to even his own surprise Shiki has own. Sadly, he dropped shortly after making it to the Top 8, the person that stripped him of his dream of being popular with lots of girl was Jellal Kisaragi, a man he never met before or after this event. Even though he lost, it seemed like Shiki started actually enjoying the Cardgame, slowly gaining a different view for it other than "a mere card game".

Season 2-3:
"Yet another tournament for this novice to partake in, he once again managed to get on top of the rankings and earn himself a trip to New York where the finals took place. Durning these events he met one of the first girls that didn't beat him up upon contact - Neu Elderweiss. Although they didn't interact much and didn't see eachother outside of one encounter Shiki managed to get her phone number AND a free phone from her which he used for months ever since. Durning the fights of New York, Shiki lost and dropped out of the Finals by the hands of an Aqua Force user. Having nothing else to do he wandered around and managed to find yet another person he befriended. Haruka, a person he managed to come across before more than once. When the War of Liberation was happening Shiki ended up sleeping in Haruka's bed for a long time, haunted by an infinitely looping dream. Moments before Star-vader, Chaos Breaker Dragon descendet onto Cray, in the Magallanica continent. He was alone, without the other Star-vaders who invaded much later. Without being detected, he managed to break his way to Cocytus and Reverse him, using him as a mediun to contact Shiki - a stupid human he deemed to be easily manipulated. In the dream Chaos Breaker used the Reversed Cocytus to relay information to Shiki, informing him of the past battles the Heroes have fought, and the existence of Cray at which the human laughed, making fun of all those people resorting to Cardgames to save not one word but two. He also made Shiki false promises of making Cray his home, where he'd have power and strenght over others, something he lacked on Earth. He'd no longer be a useless pile of trash, and show people what being a real Hero is like. All he had to do was help Chaos Breaker with his plan by Reversing other people. The Cyber Dragon once again lied to Shiki, declaring that his plan was to disconnect Earth from Cray, making it so the Card Game can no longer be used to solve world problems and people would have to use their strenght to gain the title of a Hero. Without even thinking about it, Shiki agreed and was gifted with powers beyond those of human limits, as well as a weapon. He managed to hide this from the public view and spend his time with Haruka and others which, surprisingly, strenghtened the connection between him and Chaos Breaker to the point where he no longer had to relay infromation through Cocytus. When the Star-vader invasion started and people were slowly starting to be infected by the Reverse, Shiki himself faked being Reversed and wielded Cocytus Reverse to get rid of any possible suspicions on his person. Near the end of this battle Chaos Breaker disappears, assumed to be dead and Glendios was somehow stopped, but not defeated. The Doomsday Weapon's flames escaped Cray and entered Shiki's body, putting him in a coma while they fed on his life energy to regenerate Glendios."


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