Card Restrictions

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Card Restrictions

Post by Best Girl on Wed Oct 28, 2015 10:23 pm

There's more you need to know than only 2 of the same Avatar card per person.

- Cards are restricted by Season. (Current Season: 4. BT16-BT17 and EB11-EB12 are allowed, as are all Trial Decks before G-TD01. The format is up to Legion era, Generation Break allowed.)

- Link Joker is not available upon registration. You must develop into it and get it via plot. The same goes with Evolution Cards like Crossrides and the like. Those continuing from GSE who have stuff unlocked already are above this rule.

- Avatar cards not taken as avatars can be used by different players. However, the deck cannot be focused around that card. (For example, if Blaster Blade Seeker as an Avatar is taken by others already, you may use it still. However, you deck cannot be focused on Wingal Seeker/Thing Saver/Alfred XIV.)

- Anything that is an "evolution" of a card must be developed into unless stated otherwise. Even if a crossride is terrible, you still have to properly get it. People may get passes depending on plot/staff decisions. Evolution cards are not restricted just to Crossrides, but cards that are lore-wise evolved forms of cards as well. (Such as Monarch Alfred, Ezel Scissors, Crimson Lore Metatron, and the like.)
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