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Forgotten Memory, Mayumi Satou Empty Forgotten Memory, Mayumi Satou

Post by Rosalia Izanami on Thu Jan 31, 2019 3:21 pm

Apperance: (because for the life of me, I can't get the dang picture in the post itself. it's also my avatar for this site.)
For those who don't want to click the link or can't see it due to the picture size, yes, Mayumi has heterochromia iridis. This means that her eyes are two different colors. Her right eye is a pinkish-crimson, while her left eye is a brilliant gold. She also has pink hair in case you can't see that either (and if you can't, you're blind/colorblind).

IGN: RosaliaIzanami
Name: Mayumi Satou
Alias: Yumi for short, or Regalia of Memory (or so she likes to think)
Age: 16yrs
Gender: Girl
Nation: Dark Zone (lives nearby)
Main Clan: Genesis (Regalia Archetype)
Secondary Clan: N/A
Alignment: Neutral Fag?....
Generation: New Generation
Avatar Card: Regalia of Moonlight, Lumina (custom card)

Personality: Mayumi is not an emotional person. In fact, she is almost devoid of all emotion, for the shear fact that she doesn't understand what emotion is. She is very quiet, keeps to herself, answers when spoken to, and moves on. But that is not to say she is mindless like a robot. Inside her, thanks to the discovery of vanguard, Mayumi has one emotion: curiosity. She wants to know what the world has to offer, where she can fit in at, and wants to relearn everything that she has forgotten.

Biography: Mayumi, born in a supposedly normal family as the third and youngest child, did not have a happy life. With one older sister and one older brother, the youngest of the family was spoiled to no end. She could have whatever she desired as a little girl, and wanted nothing more than the love and acceptance from her family, though having some nice toys would be good too. However, it was not meant to last. Despite the family's rich status in the social ladder, nothing could help them as both siblings and parents were taken from Mayumi at the age of 5 due to some incurable disease, yet for some reason, Mayumi never contracted it. She would continue to live her life with her aunt, who really should have been living in a psychiatric ward in a hospital in the middle of no and where. The child was abused, physically and mentally, but never sexually. After living like this for about ten years, fate had a strange way of working its fingers, because both aunt and niece were hospitalized after a car accident. Seeing the aunt's state of mind, she was permanently institutionalized, while Mayumi was to be housed by a government official as her custody was awarded to the state.
However, the accident may have been a blessing as well as a curse, for Mayumi lost some of her memories. She was functional, knowing how to eat and write and walk, but she had no concept of emotion. She knew her parents and siblings were dead, but she didn't understand sadness or love. She knew her aunt did horrible things to her, but she didn't understand fear or anger. Mayumi was like a void, unsure yet uncaring in the days that passed her by like she didn't exist. The government official, let's call her Suzuran (or Suzu for short), eventually adopted Mayumi as her forever guardian, but even Suzu didn't know how to help solve Mayumi's problem. One day, Suzu got Mayumi a special deck of Cardfight Vanguard Cards, and Mayumi felt some sort of connection to one of them, the card she can consider an "avatar". Regalia of Moonlight, Lumina. This feeling of curiosity got her to join the new generation of card fighters, despite being relatively new to the game. Now with deck in hand, she feels she is ready to take her first steps into the real world, and discover emotion.
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