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Post by TrueLily on Sat Jun 23, 2018 2:29 pm

"Now this is my turn
It's time to make you burn
You can run and you can hide
But you can't stop the flames inside."

Blazing Battle
The Flame That Incinerates All
Battle Scherzo

Hageshi Kenshin Sample_740a0bdf8948ecd66c6f85645cb97be791081507

IGN: TrueLily
Name: Hageshi Kenshin
Age: 25
Gender: Edgelord
Nation: Dragon Empire
Main Clan: Kagero (Blademaster)
Secondary Clan: Gold Paladin (Bluish Flame Liberators)
Alignment: Neutral
Generation: New

Avatar Card:
Hageshi Kenshin Latest?cb=20150306184435

: Kenshin is a man defined by his ambition, aiming to be the best of the best at all times. He thinks quite highly of himself, believing it’s only a matter of time before he rises to the top, and everybody sees him for the champion he is. Owing to his ambition and arrogance, he is also incredibly vindictive, and will never forgive or forget a defeat. When he suffers a loss, no matter how slight, he will not be able to rest until he redeems himself and gets his revenge. Like the wild bluish flames he commands, he is tempermental and prone to violence. His connection to fire has turned him into somewhat of a pyromaniac, and while he’s managed to reign it in, he has been known to have a history with… “light arson.” While his favorite pastime is lighting things on fire, Vanguard and fighting are tied for a close second, though he prefers to combine them whenever possible.

Due to the way he was raised, Kenshin does not see Vanguard as a mere game. To him, his deck is as real a weapon as his spear or his flames, and a cardfight can hold just as much weight as a duel to the death.

: Kenshin was born in the snowy, freezing mountains of Japan, far from society. From the day he was born, the only other soul he knew was his mother. From her, he inherited the blue fire that dwelled inside him, and from her, he was taught everything he knew. How to control his flames, how to use a spear, and how to play Vanguard were all things he learned from her. Due to his incredibly serious mother being the only exposure he had, he grew to take these things very seriously. His mother imparted upon him the weight and severity Vanguard held, and treated his training in Vanguard just as importantly as his training with his spear and his fire. For much of his adolescence, life was little more than a hellish training regimine. He would accrue countless cuts, bruises, and burn scars throughout the day, only to spend hours being defeated time after time in Cardfights. His mother refused to let him take even a small break, until she deemed he was good enough. It was not until he was 23 years old that he finally reached that point. In truth, he had simply gotten lucky, but he managed to secure a win against his mother for the first time in his life. Finally achieving what she saw as “Good enough, I guess,” she sent him off the mountain and into society, telling him not to return until he was a champion worthy of being her son.

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