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The Old Shrine Maiden
Great Divine Intervention
The Burning Sun
A Dance, And A Duel

Tsukimura Youko Ae7c7ed58a97b56f3e02fb62fcf0363a312e58b2
Ignore the scary 4-eyed wolf monster. She's 5'7" but her typical posture makes her appear about 5'2". She carries around a simple wooden walking stick everywhere she goes, but it’s mostly just for show, as she can walk perfectly fine on her own. She almost always wears traditional Japanese clothing, and almost never anything that was invented in the past three decades. Her physique, beyond her face, is closer to that of a fit woman in her forties or fifties.

IGN: TrueLily
Name: Tsukimura Youko
Age: 72
Gender: old rusty grill
Nation: Dark Zone
Main Clan: Oracle Think Tank, Nubatama
Secondary Clan: Touken Ranbu
Alignment: Hero (Usually...)
Generation: New Generation (Despite being 72 years old)
Tsukimura Youko Amaterasu_copy
Tsukimura Youko Latest?cb=20170827153726

Youko is a kind and sweet old woman who enjoys playing the role of the wise mentor. She gets along well with whippersnappers, and likes seeing what the generations that came after her are capable of in this world. In her old age, she has slowed down considerably from her youth, and prefers to do things carefully and methodically, rarely seeing a need for a rush, even in situations where haste would normally be advised. That’s not to say she’s not capable of haste. When she really wants to, she can be both think on her feet and move surprisingly quickly for an old lady.

At times, she can be somewhat playful with youths, lightly teasing them and their lack of experience. Though it comes across as light, this is a holdover from her past. When she was much younger, she had a much more violent and sadistic nature. She greatly enjoyed being better than others, and got no end of pleasure from tormenting them with her perceived superiority, even going as far as inflicting direct emotional or physical pain. Events eventually led to her mellowing out, and she is now greatly ashamed of her past. At rare times, her sadistic nature resurfaces, and she gives in to her primal urge to torment.

Despite coming from a well-off family, Youko had a troubled upbringing. Due to a strained relationship with her parents, which she blamed on them, she had a problem with delinquency in her youth. From her mid-teens, she was constantly getting into trouble, and had a serious mean streak, which eventually turned into all out violence and sadism. With no friends to speak of, she fell in with a group of delinquents. Before long, her and her gang escalated to the point of actual crimes, from shoplifting to drug use, in addition to getting into fights constantly. She ended up spending a good portion of her youth behind bars for her criminal behavior.

Eventually, she realized that her habits were getting her nowhere. Despite her family’s wealth, she had squandered any chance she had of obtaining a higher education. Her family wouldn’t support her at this point. They wanted nothing to do with her. This naturally only made her more angry, but she needed to do something. Filled with a barely contained rage and desire to hurt people to make herself feel better, Youko wandered around, her other emotions surpassed only by her own confusion about herself and her future. Eventually, she discovered a local Shinto shrine. It wasn’t a place she ever bothered visiting before, even for festivals. But now, seeing the state she was in, the shrine’s attendants took her in. She was effectively without a home at this point, so the shrine served as the closest thing she had. With few other options at the time, and as a way to thank those who had accepted her when she needed it, Youko began working at the shrine as a shrine maiden. She mostly helped clean at first, but over time, she came to learn the tenets of Shintoism, and about the local god the shrine honored, and she took on more responsibilities to suit her better understanding. Her time working and living at the shrine changed her. She became much more peaceful, letting go of the rage and violence of her youth. After years of service, she eventually left the shrine and got married, though it still holds a very special place in her heart, and her past.

In the decades since leaving her shrine, Youko had a family. Children, then grandchildren. She spent many years studying finer arts, making up for the way she was before. She studied calligraphy, poetry, music, and tea ceremonies in her time. Though not a master by any means, she became quite proficient at these things. In addition, she did not slack on exercise, believing that staying fit and healthy was very important, no matter how old you are. This, in addition to her training as a priestess, helped keep her body in a condition much younger than it actually was, allowing her to be very fit despite her old age. It was only recently that she was faced with a new challenge. One of her youngest grandchildren introduced her to the game sweeping the world, Cardfight Vanguard. She wasn’t sure why, but she was completely taken with the game. Though she was old, she was not lacking for energy or passion, and saw the game as a way to keep her from just rotting away in some retirement home. Happy to learn a new “art”, even one apparently as simple as a mere card game, Youko was ready to enter into a new, unfamiliar world, for the first time in decades.

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