Quench the Foolhardy Flames!

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Quench the Foolhardy Flames! Empty Quench the Foolhardy Flames!

Post by Doggy on Tue May 15, 2018 1:54 am

Quest Name/Thread Title: “Quench the Foolhardy Flames!”
Questmaker: Divine Ray Calanthia Arclight IX
Level of Difficulty: B
Description: “That imbecile Ignis is incessant with his challenges to me. Everywhere I go he yaps of his foolish ambitions and requests I fight him. But that man must be taught there is a gap between us such that he could never hope to even attempt to cross. For I shine far above him! The difference between us is that of the Earth and the Sun! So sharpen your blades at the Magallanica Event. Once it has concluded I need two of you with functioning brains to come and show this buffoon how outclassed he is!”
Reward: Moderate FICA reward and if victorious over Ignis will be invited to a lavish banquet at the Arclight Estate

Quest Status: Incomplete, 0/2 available positions filled.

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