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Post by Tomiix on Thu May 10, 2018 5:38 pm

Appearance:Jace Antonis BZe0q2wJace Antonis EvCHLbcJace Antonis 5UeOtPf
IGN: Tomiix
Name: (Jace Antonis)
Alias: Snowpaw (Was his online name when he got popular, he kinda regrets it now but like, its his brand so whatever.)
Age: (22)
Gender: (Boy)
Nation: (Zoo)
Main Clan: (Great Nature)
Secondary Clan: N/A

Generation:New Generation

Avatar Card: (Magic Scientist, Tester Fox)

Personality: Jace is a relaxed and slow paced man for being twenty two. He is patient and respectable to others around him, showing more maturity than his age lets on. He takes hurdles in stride, is patient around others, and in general take things in proportion. He is reliable in a pinch, doing well to contain panic until after something tragic happens. He does have secret desires, and geeks out about certain things and gets excited, but usually tries to keep it chill.

Biography: Jace Antonis became popular in the geek gaming scene by becoming one of the youngest players of Sorcery: The Congregating, an American born card game to win one of it’s coveted ‘Pro Leagues’ at 13, after beating the man who taught him the game in a storybook finals. What followed after was a transition from being a unknown runt of a child who wasn’t taken seriously, to a scouted out new threat at major tournaments, to now a known regional legend. He competed globally, playing on the american Sorcery team at the age of 15, compromising school for his newfound knack for this game. Although highly respected and still able to place first at state level events, he never found a number one Pro League spot again until he was 18. When he won his second Pro League using a niche deck that used trinket cards that seemed to not have much value to garner information that allowed him to make informed plays to strip away his opponents decisions. The deck being an outlier wasn’t planned for, and now no longer works now that it is known, but at the time was revolutionary. Around this time, Itche, a popular streaming service was also coming into style, and Jace found success streaming online games of Sorcery for his followers to watch. He soon marketed himself as a online personality, being known as Snowpaw on forums throughout his career. (During his adolescence he was big into furries and shit and although he says he grew out of it he really didn’t.) Sticking by the brand since it was most familiar. He decided to retire on the high note, just before a controversy involving a dispute on who designed the deck. Despite this, at the pro tour of the following year he was accepted into the Hall of Fame, and became a caster and analyst for the game. Entering several business partnerships and helping market and develop players in the scene.

That is until his twentieth birthday, when Jace found out his uncle on his japanese fathers side died. His own father dying early on from a terminal illness means that the things originally left for him in the bachelors will went to Jace. Including ownership of a small noodle stand in Japan. With this news came a pleading letter from a man who worked there, who was partners with his grandfather. On his honour he made sure Antonis got the letter, but pleaded for his job. Jace of course agreed to help manage the shop, and for two years prepared for his journey to Japan. Brushing back up on a language he no longer used and saving for the eventual move, Jace now moves his relatively portable steaming work to an apartment, and is now planning on living an early retirement. Streaming on his schedule and running a lazy noodle shop that somewhat works itself out at the cost of living in very meager means. That is of course, until he gets curious about the local TCG scene… and discovers… CARDFIGHT VANGUARD!!! Where instead of being a teacher and respectable leader, he is once again the 13 year old apprentice on the inside.

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